Update 9.10

9.10 Update Notes


  • Players' own vehicles can now be used instead of special vehicles in the Domination and Steel Hunt events.
  • Fixed many issues and introduced improvements in the Domination and Steel Hunt events.



  • Added the Japanese heavy tank technical branch, Tier II through Tier X:
    • I-Go/Chi-Ro, Type 91, Type 95, O-I Experimental, O-I, O-Ni, O-Ho, Type 4 Heavy, Type 5 Heavy.
  • Added the following vehicles for testing by Supertest players:
    • T-22 sr., U.S.S.R. Tier X medium tank
    • M48A2/T54E2/T123E6, U.S. Tier X medium tank
    • Škoda T 40, Czechoslovakian Tier VI medium tank. Added all attributes of the new Czechoslovakian nation: crew members, ranks, icons, etc.
    • VK 100.01(P), German Tier VIII heavy tank
  • Reworked 20 vehicles in HD quality:
    • USSR: T-28, SU-76M (renamed from SU-76), SU-122A
    • Germany: JagdTiger, JagdPanzer IV, Leopard Prototyp A, Pz. Kpfw. 35(t), Marder II, Panzerjäger I, Sturmpanzer II, VK 16.02 Leopard, Pz. Kpfw. II Ausf. J
    • USA: M41 HMC, T71, T110E5, M2 Light Tank
    • France: AMX M4 45, ARL 44
    • UK: Black Prince
    • China: Type 59
  • Fixed some issues with the damage models of the following vehicles: M6A2E1, T32, T110E3, T110E4, Caernarvon, Panther /M10, M2.
  • Fixed some issues with the visual models of the following vehicles: Т-62А, М46 Patton, Heavy Tank No.VI, Leopard 1, IS-7, Object 260, Object 777, Type 62.
  • Fixed the display of some new vehicles' names.
  • Fixed the icons of some new vehicles.
  • Fixed the names of some modules of U.S.S.R. vehicles.
  • Improved the aiming and dispersion on turret traverse parameters for the Maus.
    • Aiming time of the 12,8 cm Kw.K. 44 L/55 gun for the Maus tank reduced from 2.9 to 2.3 s. Dispersion on turret traverse reduced by 25%
  • Removed the 10,5 cm Stu.H. 42 L/28 gun from the Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer.

Maps and Objects

  • Changed the distribution of maps across different battle levels.
  • Removed the Hidden Village, Pearl River, and Province maps from the Random Battle mode.
  • Fixed various issues and improved gameplay of the Redshire map.
  • Fixed some issues with the Ghost Town map.
  • Fixed the issues with the visual and damage models of some environmental objects.

Graphics and System

  • Fixed some hang-ups and crashes of the game client.
  • Optimized performance of the game client on some PC configurations.
  • Improved the map loading speed for the Improved graphics preset.
  • Fixed some issues in the new mechanism of shadow display for the Improved graphics preset.
  • Optimized certain aspects of game client performance.
  • Changed the default value for certain graphics settings.
  • Introduced changes in how water is displayed on the Improved graphics preset.
  • Improved the quality of Camouflage display.
  • Optimized performance of some special effects.
  • Reworked the effects of shells hitting the ground.
  • Fixed the issue with "square" special effects displayed on some AMD video cards with certain AMD driver versions installed.
  • Fixed the display of hit effects on vehicles.
  • Fixed the issue with the flickering of semi-transparent vegetation at some graphics settings.


  • Added Garage Tutorial for new players.
  • Fixed the issues with conditions and descriptions of some personal missions.
  • Fixed many issues and introduced improvements in the Team Battle mode.
  • Fixed some issues and introduced improvements in the functionality of Dynamic Platoons.
  • Fixed some issues with interface in the Stronghold mode.
  • Reworked the battle loading screen.
  • Added hints for certain elements of interface in the Garage.
  • Fixed the functionality of autosearch in the Team Battle mode.
  • Fixed the positioning of some Emblems on different sides of the turret.
  • Fixed the sorting of vehicle type indicators on the score panel.
  • Fixed the issue with inability to decline a Platoon invitation received in battle.
  • Fixed the issue where some Epic Medals and Commemorative Tokens were not properly awarded upon fulfillment of necessary conditions in some cases.
  • Fixed minor issues with interface.

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