Update 1.25

Main Changes

Operation Overlord

  • A new event, Operation Overlord, will be available in the game from June 6 through July 3. It can be accessed via the Operation Overlord tab in the Stories game mode or the event banner in the Garage.
  • There is no game economy in the Operation Overlord event. Players take control of the M4A3E8, which took part in the 1944 landings.
  • Several missions offer valuable rewards for winning battles in Operation Overlord, including unique historical 2D styles dedicated to the role played by Allied soldiers in the Normandy landings. Each mission can be completed only once.
  • Additional missions with rewards will become available on June 13.
  • The mode has two difficulty levels: Regular and Rigorous, which both have their own enemy difficulty level, missions, and rewards. Completing missions on Rigorous difficulty automatically completes them on Regular and yields the rewards for both difficulty levels.


  • The new Episode will be a relaunch of Frontline Episode 4. Battles will be played by the rules of one of three randomly selected scenarios.
  • Some issues have been fixed.

New Achievement System

A new Achievement system has been added to the game, which takes into account the player's progress in collecting vehicles and customization. Completing achievements earns players Achievement Points, which reflect their overall progress in the system.

As part of the Achievement system, an Achievement Catalog has been added, which shows all available and upcoming achievements for completion. The Catalog displays overall progress on achievements and their categories. Four categories have been added:

  1. Vehiclesdisplays progress by vehicle type and the presence of vehicles on the player's account. It includes vehicles available in the player's Garage and vehicles researched in national Tech Trees.
  2. Nationalshows progress by branches within nations' Tech Trees. For vehicles from Tiers I through V, two unique achievements can be obtained for each nation. For Tier VI and higher vehicles, personalized achievements earned in branches are awarded.
  3. Customizationshows progress in collecting 2D styles, 3D styles, and progressive decals.
  4. Trophies—A special category of achievements, the Trophy section, documents achievements related to vehicles from notable events, rewards, and progressions that are no longer available.

Achievements are divided into two types: regular and cumulative. Regular achievements require one condition to be fulfilled and grant +10 Achievement Points. Cumulative achievements, on the other hand, require a series of achievements/conditions to be completed and grant +50 Achievement Points upon completion.

As a reward for player progression through the Achievement system's Total Vehicles category, new animated Dog Tags will be available, featuring embedded ranks, with even the highest available rank having its own presentation animation during the pre-battle countdown. By default, the animated Dog Tags are displayed only to their owner. A new item has been added to the game Settings to disable this functionality.

Each new animated Dog Tag also has its own unique rank:

  1. Tank Master
  2. Chief of Armor
  3. Supreme Commander

In total, players have access to over 600 new achievements and over 7,000 Achievement Points.

Battle Pass

The event will honor the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings and will feature new customization elements and vehicles inspired by real historical events.

The final reward for each Chapter has been changed: Instead of progressive 3D styles, players can now receive Tier VI Premium vehicles with their own unique permanent 3D styles as Base Rewards.

Missions for ×5 XP have been added as a reward.

Some minor technical improvements have been made.

Battle Pass Tankfest Special

The upcoming Battle Pass will also feature a special additional Chapter dedicated to Tankfest 2024, offering new customization elements and crew members with unique voiceovers as rewards.


Players will receive Year of the Pegasus Annual Rewards that may include:

  • The Hurricane with a 3D style
  • Special crew
  • Medals
  • Nickname stripe
  • Badges
  • Improved equipment
  • Progressive "Heavenly Horse" 2D style

Arcade Cabinet

Resources for the upcoming Darkness of the Night game mode have been added.

Changes Related to Disabling the 32-Bit Game Client

The 32-bit game client has been removed. RAM and operating system requirements have changed:

  • Minimum memory (RAM) for Desktop: 4GB
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 (64-bit only) with the latest updates

Player Address for Correct Taxation

In this patch, players in the EU, NA, and ASIA regions who have their country set as the United States of America or Canada can now specify a billing address for the online purchase of real-money goods, ensuring compliance with national tax legislation in the United States of America and Canada.



The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: Vz. 58 Medvěd


The following vehicle was added: Char de transition

Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles have been made:

ARL 44

  • Armoring of the ARL 44 turret has been changed from 40 to 30 mm (armor around spare track fixings reduced)
  • Vehicle durability with the ACL 1 turret has been changed from 870 to 900 HP
  • Vehicle durability with the ARL 44 turret has been changed from 920 to 950 HP


The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: Crusher

The following vehicle was added: Churchill Crocodile

Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles have been made:

Churchill VII

  • Armoring of the Churchill VII turret has been changed from 115 to 95 mm (armor around spare track fixings reduced)
  • Hull armor has been changed from 115 to 95 mm (armor around spare track fixings on the sides reduced)
  • Vehicle durability with the Churchill IV turret has been changed from 1,020 to 1,080 HP
  • Vehicle durability with the Churchill VII turret has been changed from 1,080 to 1,130 HP


The following vehicle was added: M4A3(76)W Sherman

Known Issues

  • The HP bar does not take into account the equipment loadouts changed during the countdown before battle.
  • The Bounty Ventilation bonus is not displayed in crew efficiency statistics.
  • The clan chat does not work when the Combat Intelligence window is open.
  • The fuel tank icon on the damage panel does not turn red when corresponding damage is received.
  • When a vehicle turns over in the water, the sinking tank timer is not displayed.
  • In some cases, cover behind vehicle silhouettes is >displayed incorrectly in Sniper mode.
  • When the player goes to the Vehicles tab in the Service Record section, a random vehicle's statistics are displayed.
  • Some vehicles are missing from the Hall of Fame.

Fixed Issues and Improvements

  • Fixed the issue of players being unable to use the command menu and indicate squares on the minimap in battle.
  • Fixed the issue of the Command Menu not disappearing after its activation in some cases.
  • Fixed the issue of the Polished Lens equipment directive not working with the Innovative Targeting equipment.
  • Fixed the issue of some vehicles not being displayed in the Leaderboard on the portal.
  • Fixed the issue of the A-shaped IV (with armor penetration indicator) gun marker not being displayed under certain conditions.
  • Fixed some UI issues that occurred when performing operations with crew in the Barracks.
  • Fixed the issue of the sound for reloading the last shell being played in some cases when the magazine was fully loaded in vehicles with a magazine loading system.
  • Fixed the issue of automatic vehicles repair and consumable replenishment not occurring in the Frontline mode and players having to do this manually.
  • Fixed the issue of crew not receiving injuries when their vehicle fell from a height.
  • Fixed the issue of the Last Moment feature displaying incorrect trajectories of shells that destroyed players’ vehicles.
  • The visual models of the following vehicles have been improved: Т-54, Churchill VII, VK 72.01 K, Škoda T 24, G.W.⁠ ⁠Tiger (P), "HMS Bruiser" style (Caliban).