Community Contributors Hub (English)

Welcome to the HUB of World of Tank’s English-speaking Community Contributors.

Below you can find info for all of our CCs, from the pub-gamers to the pros and everyone in between. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder just how many hats Stewie actually has.

Get to know our CC family below!



"For all your live derp action that would make Michael Bay proud. Cool guys don't look at explosions but I won't judge if you do."


"Are you not #INCREDIBILIS?"



"Started playing World of Tanks mid-2013, working my way through the tiers, improving along the way. Moderator for World of Tanks. #NoWaifuNoLaifu"



"Maker of the Monday Night Replay show, the only replay show where you choose who wins. I also stream on Fridays so feel free to drop past and watch me fail."



"Creating the latest HD reviews and World of Tanks content you won't want to miss!"



"Mystblade Productions: The Silver Fox. Provider of a tank-tacular time with a focus on improving every game. Live Streams, Replay analysis, montages and more. Make yourself known and join the growing community."



"The most objectionable individual on the server, who somehow is decent at Tanks! Member of the APAC League team 'Bad Intentions' and veteran Clan Wars player."



"Professional World of Tanks player with a soft spot for lights and getting punished by arty."



"Started playing World of Tanks on 30/06/2013. Slowly but surely grinding my way to get all tanks. I'm currently trying to help grow the community for WoT."



"#GetOnBoard Studios where the Magic Happens! Replay Reviews, Live Game Play, Give Aways and Good Times! No Stats, just Dank Hats!"


TImitf / TheFridge

"Started playing tanks in closed beta. I am old and crap, so come laugh at my livestreams!"


Feel that you can do a decent job streaming tank battles to an audience? The Community Contributor Program has a place for you!

No matter how many streamers we currently have, we can always do with a few more. Who knows, you just might have the right mix of skill, perspective and personality to set you apart from the rest and become a star streamer.

All interested parties can now apply directly through our forum thread here. Good luck, and see you soon!