Participate in battles and receive extra credits and experience!

Increased Earnings per Battle

Join a clan to get more credits and experience from every battle when activating Reserves.

Battle Modes


A series of battles on clans' bridgeheads against a random detachment. Detachments receive Industrial Resource for each battle and for the number of lines under their control.


A fast battle against a random detachment on neutral territory. Detachments receive Industrial Resource for their effectiveness in battle.

Stronghold Development

Earn Industrial Resource in battles then develop your clan's Stronghold to enhance the effect of Reserves prepared there.

War Games

Earn points in disciplines and take prize-winning positions in War Games to get in game gold and high level clan Reserves.

Join a Detachment

Participate in battles even if you are not a clan member! Join a detachment and fight for victory under the leadership of a Detachment Commander.