Update 9.5

9.5 Update Notes


  • New branch of British tanks and tank destroyers added:
    • Tier II LT M2
    • Tier III LT Stuart I
    • Tier IV MT Grant I
    • Tier V MT Sherman III
    • Tier V TD Archer
    • Tier VI MT Sherman Firefly
    • Tier VI TD Achilles IIC
    • Tier VII TD Challenger/Avenger
    • Tier VIII TD Charioteer
    • Tier IX TD FV4004 Conway
    • Tier X TD FV4005 Stage 2
  • The following vehicles have been added for testing by Supertest players:
    • Tier VIII French MT AMX Chasseur de char (46)
    • Tier VII French LT AMX 13-57
    • Tier VIII Japanese MT ST-A2
    • Tier VIII Soviet TD ISU-130
  • Added Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71 for distribution through Premium shop only.
  • Some issues with visual models fixed for the following vehicles: Maus, JagdPanther (gun sizes fixed), M4A3E8 Fury, КV-1S, Centurion Mk. 7/1, IS-7
  • Issues with Camouflage fixed for the following vehicles: Churchill I, Т-34-85М, Т-54 ltwt., Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H, Т-34, STA-2, M3 Lee
  • Some issues with damage models fixed for the following vehicles: Maus, T28 concept, SU-14
  • Brightness and color of tracks of some HD vehicles fixed
  • Display of Emblems and Inscriptions on some vehicles fixed
  • Damage of the Chinese 122 mm Sha bao-471 HE shell increased from 465 to 530
  • The FV215b(183) tank destroyer rebalanced: armour protection of the rotating superstructure increased, traverse speed and crossing capacity decreased
  • Traverse speed for FV215b suspension changed from 32 to 24 deg/s
  • Crossing capacity for FV215b suspension decreased by 50% on solid terrain, by 43% on medium terrain, and by 25% on soft terrain
  • Object 907: The UBR-412B AP shell will be replaced by the UBR-412PB APCR shell, increasing average shell penetration from 219 to 264 mm (this type of APCR shells is standard ammunition for other Tier X U.S.S.R medium tanks).

    Adjusted the following characteristics of the D-54TS gun:
    • Aiming time reduced from 2.3 to 2 seconds.
    • Reload time reduced from 7.1 to 6.5 seconds.
    • Dispersion on the move reduced by 20%.



  • New maps added:
    • Mittengard (for low battle levels)
    • Ghost Town (for Team Battles)
  • Winterberg map added
  • Severogorsk and Ruinberg on Fire maps removed
  • Some adjustments made to the terrain for the following maps: Fisherman's Bay, Mountain Pass, Windstorm
  • Some gameplay and visual issues on the Stalingrad map fixed
  • Issue with the ability to drive outside the boundaries of the Windstorm and Mountain Pass maps fixed
  • Some visual issues on the Windstorm map fixed
  • Consumption of memory on the Windstorm map reduced
  • Issues with the visual and damage models of some environmental objects fixed

System, Graphics and Optimisation

  • Consumption of memory by the game client reduced
  • Performance on some PC configurations increased
  • System of game sound loading changed to reduce the number of in-battle freezes
  • Streaming of music and ambient sounds from the hard drive at zero volume level disabled
  • Some hang-ups and crashes of the game client fixed
  • Freezes when displaying some special effects fixed
  • Issue with the capturing of screenshots in Windows upon pressing PrintScreen or Alt + Print Screen with minimized WoT client fixed
  • Unloading of worldoftanks.exe from processes after the client is closed fixed
  • Display of high-detail shadows of some objects on the low shadow quality preset fixed
  • Issue with the vehicle's own shadow not displayed in the Sniper mode fixed

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Interface and Others

  • Players will receive additional XP for damage caused to vehicles spotted by them, if the spotted vehicle is of a higher Tier than the player's vehicles (+10% for each Tier of difference between the vehicles), but not more than 30%
  • Functionality of the minimap expanded. Added: view vector, arc of fire (only for SPGs), display of vehicle names, and display of the point where the vehicle was last spotted
  • Warning for inaction in battle will now be issued only after three violations in a row (previously, the fine was imposed on the player immediately). Now the fine for inaction in battle will be imposed on the player only after the fourth violation
  • Some issues with interface and gameplay in the Stronghold mode fixed
  • Interface of the Special Battle window improved
  • Interface of the recurring awarding of the Mastery Badge changed
  • Display of Camouflage on vehicles when using the Improved Graphics preset improved
  • Effects of shells hitting the vehicle reworked
  • Volume of sound upon the end of reloading increased
  • Condition text for the Arsonist, Demolition Expert, and Kamikaze awards changed
  • The Racer 2014 medal moved to the Special category
  • Flickering of vehicle markers on the minimap fixed
  • Calculation of the number of hits to external modules (tracks and the gun) in the post-battle statistics fixed
  • Issue with vehicles not receiving the Elite status with all researched modules fixed
  • Issue with the vehicle model falling through the Garage floor fixed
  • Issue with the Platoon chat turning off upon disabling the battle chat in the Random Battle mode fixed
  • Display of messages in the battle chat after rejoining the battle fixed
  • Issues with the Confederate medal not awarded if the player only damages the tracks of enemy vehicles fixed
  • Rare issue with the camera displacing to zero coordinates when switching between the allied vehicles in the Postmortem mode fixed
  • Display of vehicle tracks when switching between the allied vehicles in the Postmortem mode fixed
  • Issue with multiple splashes appearing when a shell hits the water at an angle fixed
  • Issues with depression angle restrictions of critically damaged guns not working fixed
  • Issue with the inability to return a crew to the vehicle, if the crew members who had previously been sent to the Barracks filled the Barracks to capacity, fixed
  • List of hints on the battle loading screen expanded
  • Issue with an error message appearing when using autosearch in the Team Battle mode fixed
  • Some minor issues with interface and text of several messages fixed

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