Update 1.22.1

Main Changes



  • The crew widget in the Garage has been reworked.
  • All tabs of the Personal File have been reworked. The Personal Data and Crew Skins tabs have been merged.
  • The Barracks window has been reworked.
  • The dismissal, confirmation, and other windows have been reworked.
  • A completely new crew management flow has been implemented.
  • The Universal Training Booklet (20,000 XP to each crew member) has been added.
  • The Universal Training Guide (100,000 XP to each crew member) has been added.
  • The Accelerated Crew Training screen has been reworked.
  • Crew Books and conversion of Combat XP to Free XP have been merged into a single screen.
  • The functionality to use several Crew Books at the same time has been added.
  • Restrictions on the number of stored crew skins have been removed.
  • The crew skins/major qualification binding has been removed.
  • Some minor UI changes have been made.


  • The mode settings are similar to those of the first Episode in 2023.
  • The Twist of Fate scenarios is disabled.
  • Combat Reserves have three upgrade levels.
  • Some technical improvements have been made.

Back to the Game

  • Some players will have the Bring Your Fellow Commanders Back to the Game mini-event.

Elite Levels System

  • A new system of Elite Levels for vehicles has been added.
  • The mechanics use experience earned in vehicles to assign an Elite Level to a vehicle.
  • Starting from Tier V, every Elite vehicle receives a special icon that showcases the player’s dedication to the particular vehicle.
  • Players that have at least one Elite vehicle will receive a notification about Elite Levels being assigned to their vehicles.
  • Elite Levels are displayed both in the Service Record and in battle (next to the vehicle icon in the team lists).


  • Onslaught mode support has been added to Tournaments.


  • The functionality of the Annual Statistics screen has been expanded.
  • The Season Statistics screen has been added.

Steel Hunter

The mechanics of the Steel Hunter: Reborn event have been added to the classic version of the mode.

  • Respawns
  • Marauders (AI-driven opponents)
  • Balance changes for vehicles, Combat Abilities, and functionalities.

New mechanics have been added and the existing mechanics have been changed:

  • A timer for the Dangerous Zone (yellow) has been added and is displayed when the player is inside.
  • The progression can now be fulfilled not only by completing daily missions but also based on positions in battle results.
  • The loot dropped by defeated Marauders is now more valuable.
  • The chance of receiving Combat Abilities from Supplies (yellow loot) has been changed: the longer the battle lasts, the higher the chance.
  • Now, by collecting Spoils of War (red loot), players will get more XP. If the player's Combat Abilities are on cooldown at that time, this cooldown will be significantly reduced.
  • Now players will get less XP for upgrading their vehicle when dealing damage.
  • The upgrade tier is now displayed above the vehicles. This feature can be enabled/disabled in the game settings.
  • If a player leaves the battle before their vehicle is destroyed, they will not receive any economic rewards.

Vehicle Rebalance:

  • The Huragan and the Bái Láng are now faster, with thicker armor and more powerful guns and Combat Abilities.
  • The Harbinger has more HP and improved guns.
  • Heavy tanks (the Walküre, the Varyag, and the Beowulf) have received an armor nerf: the chance of penetrating them is now higher. 
  • The Raven has less armor and less dangerous guns.

WoT Plus

  • Steam players can now activate a WoT Plus subscription in the game client.

Map Changes

  • Minor changes have been made to the terrain and some static objects on Cliff and Studzianki.

Changes to Technical Characteristics of Vehicles


50TP Resilient

  • Vehicle has been added to the game.


  • The possibility to mount the Spall Liner equipment has been added.


The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: Object 452K


The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: M48A2 (120)


Bofors Tornvagn

  • Hull traverse speed has been changed from 22 to 25 deg/s
  • Gun dispersion has been changed from 0.42 to 0.4 m
  • Dispersion on turret traverse has been decreased by 20%
  • View range has been changed from 360 to 370 m
  • Turret traverse speed has been changed from 22 to 25 deg/s
  • Top speed has been changed from 32 to 35 km/h

Fixed Issues and Improvements

  • The screen to add an email to a Steam account has been changed.
  • A tooltip displayed when equipping an incompatible directive has been added.
  • The vehicle sale flow has been reworked.
    • By default, any equipment is demounted and sent to the Depot, instead of being sold or disassembled for components. The sale screen also now displays warnings if the option to sell or disassemble mounted equipment is selected.
    • Pop-up error and warning windows about the inability to perform the selected operation have become more informative.
  • Equipment:
    • The order of the equipment tabs in the Garage and equipment sorting at the Depot has been changed. Display priority: Standard, Bounty, Improved, Experimental. 
    • When selling or disassembling equipment from the Depot, a new interface is now used.
    • The icons and buttons to sell and disassemble equipment in the Depot have been changed.
    • The icons that display the Experimental Equipment level have been replaced with more informative ones. 
  • Fixed the issue of the Revenant 2D style not being able to be applied to vehicles in some cases.
  • Fixed the issue of activated clan reserves being displayed as inactive in Frontline, Steel Hunter, and Onslaught.
  • Fixed the issue of vehicles not being stunned when hit by a friendly artillery shell or the Airstrike Combat Reserve in Frontline.
  • Fixed the issue of Combat Reserves' level icons overlapping the numbers of their slots in Frontline.
  • The description of the Experienced Firefighters crew directive has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue of the BZ-176's speed being displayed incorrectly in spectator mode.
  • Fixed the issue of the confirmation window not being displayed when purchasing Crew Books.
  • Fixed the issue of the notification about Collections being regularly displayed in the Notification Center.
  • Fixed the issue of the bonus from Ventilation equipment and the directive for it not improving the Brothers in Arms perk.
  • Fixed the issue of completed conditions not displaying in mission cards.
  • Fixed the issue of the matchmaker working incorrectly in some cases in Grand Battles.
  • Fixed the error of the clickable area for daily mission icons in the Garage extending beyond the icons at certain screen resolutions.
  • Fixed the issue of the vehicle of a player ready for battle stopping displaying in the Platoon window in some cases.
  • Fixed the error of clan emblems not displaying clearly on vehicles.
  • Improved the display of the visual models of the T57 Heavy Tank and the Rionceronte (with the Nyx 3D style).

Known Issues

  • When Commander Camera is enabled, the standard vehicle outline of the player's vehicle may function incorrectly.
  • When the crew is stunned, the Small First Aid Kit can be used on an uninjured crew member.
  • In some cases, the pop-up window does not appear when hovering the cursor over the vehicle module icon on the damage panel.
  • In some cases, the sequence of events in the damage log may be distorted.
  • In some cases, falling trees fall through the terrain.
  • Upon successful completion of the Alliance-14 mission in the Chimera operation, the failed mission icon is displayed after the battle.
  • The Battle Results screen is missing an entry for completion of the last mission in a series.
  • There is no voice notification when an enemy vehicle is destroyed.
  • When switching to Sniper mode on high graphics settings and zooming in on foliage, the FPS (frames per second) rate may decrease.
  • The ammo rack detonation icon is repeatedly displayed above vehicles destroyed beyond the draw circle when these vehicles enter the player's draw circle radius.
  • When mounting the Experimental Optics equipment, the view range value is rounded down.
  • During replays, vehicles do not make engine or track sounds.
  • When hovering an SPG's Artillery Aim over an enemy vehicle located beyond the player's draw circle, and the vehicle is then destroyed, the animation of its ammo rack detonation is displayed.
  • When antialiasing is enabled with standard graphics, the silhouette of the player's vehicle turns green in some cases.
  • On some Frontline mode maps, it is possible to drive inside structures at their bases.
  • The text "Sell" is displayed on the button when hovering over the card of a vehicle that is available for recovery in the Vehicles in the Garage section of the Depot tab.