Refer a Friend: The Recruitment Program

The Refer a Friend Recruitment Program gives players the opportunity to invite friends to the game, team up with them, and play together.

You will be able not only to invite new players, but also those who have played the game before but have stopped playing due to various reasons. By doing so, you and those you have invited will receive unique bonuses.

A player may become either a recruiter or a recruit, but not both at the same time.

Players whose accounts have been blocked cannot participate in the Recruitment Program.

Who is a recruiter?

A Recruiter invites players to the game. A Recruiter can inspire new players to join the game as well as invite former players back to battle.

To take part in the Program as a recruiter, you need to have fought a minimum of 100 battles, including at least one battle fought during the last 60 days.

A recruiter can have no more than 50 recruits in total.

Who is a recruit?

A recruit is a player who has accepted an invitation from a recruiter. Potential recruits include people who do not have an existing account, and former players who have been inactive in the game and haven’t fought a battle for at least 60 days prior to 12 March 2017, at 23:59 UTC.

How to send an invitation

Invitations can be sent from the account management section on the website. A recruiter can view recruit statistics both in the game and in the account management section.

Please note that only five (5) invitations are available per recruiter at any one time. In case the invitation has expired, it is possible for the Recruiter to send another invitation to the same player (possible not more than 3 times).

An invitation is restored if one of the following conditions is fulfilled:

  • The Recruit fights 10 battles.
  • The Recruit accepts an invitation sent by another player.
  • The Recruit does not accept an invitation within 7 days.

How to accept an invitation

To accept an invitation from an existing player, the newcomer will need to follow a link in the invitation email and create an account using the registration form.

In the case of inactive players, they will have to follow a link in the invitation email and login into the game within the next 7 days after receiving the invitation email.

What bonuses are available?

Both a recruiter and a recruit can earn various rewards and bonuses if:

  • They play in the same Platoon.
  • They win battles.
  • Both are among the team’s top 10 in experience earned.

If these requirements are fulfilled:

  • The experience earned by recruits goes to the recruiter’s experience pool, where it accumulates.
  • Both the recruiter and the recruit receive additional experience. The Recruitment Program provides a range of experience multipliers. The multipliers are applied until the recruit brings 350,000 experience to the recruiter’s experience pool.
    • x3 – during the first 24 hours after the time of the recruiter and recruit’s first battle in the same Platoon in Random Battle mode.
    • x2 – during the next 7 days.
    • x1.5 – until the recruit brings 350,000 experience to the pool.
    • x1 – from the moment 350,000 experience are added to the pool by the recruit, but after the x3 and x2 multipliers expire. After this requirement is fulfilled, the experience earned by the recruit will keep accumulating in the recruiter’s experience pool.
IMPORTANT: The experience multiplier stacks with other multipliers (e.g., Premium Account bonus), but it does not stack with the bonuses from other active events.


Recruiters receive additional rewards for teaming up and playing together with their recruits. The reward is determined by the amount of experience in the pool, as follows:

Amount of EXP in the pool


100,000 1,000,000 

Crew member: Loader


Crew member: Driver


Crew member: Gunner


Crew member: Commander

Т95Е2 tank

In this way, recruiters can put together a trained tank crew. Each crew member will have enough free experience to master 2 perks or skills.

T95E2 Reward


The recruiter will also receive a Т95Е2 tank without a crew as a reward if one of the new players invited by this recruiter purchases their first Tier X vehicle. This will not affect the other bonuses. However, if a new player reaches Tier X and the Recruiter is rewarded with the T95E2 before the XP Pool hits 1,000,000, upon eventually hitting 1,000,000, the Recruiter will receive only the Commander, as the tank will already be in his/her possession.

The Т95Е2 is a unique tank and it gives the following bonuses:

  • 50% more crew experience
  • The option to assign crew members from the same vehicle type without any penalties or retraining
  • The option to accelerate crew training beginning with the first battle

Invite Your Friends!  

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