Bots: FAQ


Q: When and where will the new bots be available in World of Tanks?
A: Bots will be introduced into the matchmaker on the ANZ periphery server from November 13th onwards.

Q: Is it a new mode or an aid for low population in the certain time?
A: Bot opponents will not be contained in a separate game mode. They will be implemented to assist with the lower population of the ANZ periphery and the longer queue times at lower-tiers that result from it.

Q: Will bots be available at any time of the day?
A: Bots will be activated whenever the matchmaker deems them necessary. This functionality will be available at all times on the ANZ server but will be more noticeable during the day and at other off-peak times.

Q:  When will they feature in other peripheries/regions, if ever?
A: As they are being utilized specifically to assist with low-population servers, bot opponents in Random Battles will only appear in the ANZ and LATAM (Latin-America) peripheries. There are no plans to implement this feature into any other server, including HK, NA, and EU.


Q: What is the maximum tier where bots will be seen?
A: Bots will be present in matches involving tanks between Tiers I - V.

Q: How will the bots be distributed in a match between teams and players?
A: Bots cannot occupy more than 7 spots on a team, or 14 spots in a match.

Q: What dictates the Matchmaker’s decision of when and how bots are needed?
A: The Matchmaker will always prioritize creating a game consisting only of real players first and foremost. It is only after 20 secs of queue-time that bots will be considered and used to fill remaining spots in a match.

Q: Is there a limit on how many bots will be used per tier?
A: There is no specific limit; bots will be introduced as needed to fill up a battle.


Q: What skill level do the bots have relative to new players?
A: You can expect bots to play at a similar level of skill to players who have progressed to the same point in the game in which they are available (e.g. Tiers I - V). They will respond to the situation at hand, be aware of their own armour/positioning, but will also occasionally make mistakes – much like a player of similar experience.

Q: Which maps will they be present in?
A: Karelia, Prokhorovka, Mines, Redshire, Steppes, Fisherman’s Bay, Ensk, Lakeville, Ruinberg, Murovanka, Erlenberg, Siegfried Line, Cliff, Sand River, El Halluf, Airfield, Mountain Pass, Mannerheim Line, Glacier, Serene Coast, Overlord

Q: What tanks will they play?
A: Bots may only control Light, Medium and Heavy tanks within the Tiers they are active. They cannot operate Tank-Destroyers or Self-Propelled-Guns.

Q: Do bots have the same information as players to process, or are they aware of enemy positions?
A: Bots have no more information than a player would in the same position.


Q: Do the bots use the same AI as Proving Grounds?
A: Our AI has been refined significantly since Proving Grounds was introduced. They have been in testing since Update 1.2 on the Common Test and were last refined during the Dark Front Halloween mode.

Q: How can we tell who the bots are?
A: The bots can be identified by a colon ‘:’ symbol at the start of their username. They will also have an emblem that is unique and exclusive to them.

Q: How are my statistics/medals/match results impacted by damaging/destroying bots compared to a human player?
A: All stats, medals and match results will be unaffected and will operate as per normal.

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