Update 1.21.1

Main Changes


Ranked Battles

  • The Ranked Battles mode is discontinued.


  • The new Twist of Fate scenario has been added.
  • The capture time of zones in the first line has been changed.
  • The survivability of high-caliber gun turrets has been increased.
  • A fourth level of Combat Reserves has been added.
  • The Combat Reserve cooldown system has been reworked. Their cooldown time does not change after the player's vehicle is destroyed.
  • Some interface changes have been made to the Combat Reserve purchase screen.
  • Fixed some technical issues.

Overwhelming Fire

  • Resources for the Overwhelming Fire event have been added.

Battle Pass

  • An additional time-limited chapter has been added.

Steel Hunter

  • The mode will be available in the classic format.
  • The progression with rewards has been added.
  • A rebalance of the vehicles and Combat Abilities has been performed.

Changes have been made to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles:


  • The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: KJPZ TIII Jäger


  • The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: XM66F

Known Issues

  • The Small First Aid Kit can be used on an uninjured crew member.
  • Tooltips are not displayed when hovering over some module icons on the damage panel.
  • In some cases, the sequence of events in the damage log can be distorted.
  • In some cases, falling trees fall through the terrain.
  • Upon successful completion of the Alliance-14 mission in the Chimera operation, the failed mission icon is displayed after the battle.
  • The Battle Results screen is missing an entry for the completion of the last mission in a series.
  • There is no voice notification when an enemy vehicle is destroyed.
  • When switching to Sniper mode on high graphics settings and zooming in on foliage, the FPS (frames per second) rate may decrease.
  • The ammo rack detonation icon is repeatedly displayed above vehicles destroyed beyond the draw circle when these vehicles enter the player's draw circle radius.
  • When mounting the Experimental Optics equipment, the view range value is rounded down.
  • When watching replays, vehicles do not make engine or track sounds.
  • When hovering an SPG's Artillery Aim over an enemy vehicle located beyond the player's draw circle, and the vehicle is then destroyed, the animation of its ammo rack detonation is displayed.
  • When antialiasing is enabled with standard graphics, the silhouette of the player's vehicle turns green in some cases.
  • On some Frontline mode maps, it is possible to drive inside structures at their bases.
  • The text "Sell" is displayed on the button when hovering over the card of a vehicle that is available for recovery in the Vehicles in the Garage section of the Depot tab.

Fixed Issues and Improvements

  • Fixed the issue of the game client crashing due to a lack of RAM in some cases (even more often observed by players with 32-bit systems and Windows 7). Now, non-critical aspects of the game (for example, the sound component) will be disabled to free up memory and prevent game crashes in battle.
  • Fixed the issue of the "Tactical Genius" Honorary Rank in the Service Record tab being displayed as non-achieved.
  • Fixed the issue of players being unable to create a clan with parental controls enabled.
  • Fixed the issue of the pop-up window not being displayed when hovering over the Change Nation button for multinational vehicles.
  • Fixed the issue of the Depot displaying consumables that were not available for sale.
  • Fixed the issue of players being able to interrupt the animation for receiving a Frontline reward and remain on the reward selection screen.
  • Fixed the issue of Directives and selectable Experimental Equipment being missing on the Frontline rewards list.
  • Fixed the issue of the Removed Speed Governor icon changing its position in the battle interface when vehicles equipped with it respawned in Frontline battles.
  • Fixed the issue of the displayed effect area for the Smoke Screen Combat Reserve being distorted when moving/using the reserve next to the map border.
  • Fixed the issue of badges covering nicknames in the window of the Detachment for Stronghold battles.
  • Fixed the issue of the reward icons ceasing to be displayed in the Personal Score tab when switching between the tabs of the Battle Results.
  • Fixed the issue of the Concealment value visually changing on the technical characteristics panel in the vehicle preview window when mounting modules that do not affect this parameter.
  • Fixed the issue of some vehicles seeing through the walls of buildings when in Sniper mode.
  • Fixed the issue of applied decals not being displayed on the Type 59 and AMX 13 F3 AM.
  • Fixed the issue of the Churchill VII's support rollers falling through the tracks at high graphics settings.
  • Fixed the issue of the tracks of the STB-1 tank with the Winter Lotus 3D style applied being displayed incorrectly in Sniper mode.
  • Fixed the issue of Marks of Excellence on the 60TP Lewandowskiego tank being displayed incorrectly when the Bernard 3D style is applied.
  • On the Fata Morgana map in the Frontline mode, the terrain areas and objects in which players' vehicles could get stuck or gain an advantage have been adjusted.
  • Fixed the issue of players in the attacking team occasionally respawning in uncaptured zones on the Fata Morgana map in the Frontline mode.
  • Fixed the issue of some players having no access to the Tank Academy, despite meeting the requirements.
  • Fixed the issue of earned Battle Pass Points and Point Limits ceasing to be displayed on the vehicle panel when switching between vehicles in the Garage.
  • Fixed the issue of equipment that belongs to different types but provides the same bonus affecting the display of technical characteristics differently.
  • Fixed some localization issues.