Update 1.1

Main Changes

1. New campaign of Personal Missions: Second Front

  • The new campaign includes three operations:
    • Operation: Excalibur (immediately after the update release)
    • Operation: Chimera (approximately on 26.09.2018)
    • Operation: Object 279 (e) (approximately on 17.10.2018)
  • Each operation includes 4 sets of missions. At the same time, each set can be completed in vehicles that belong to one of the national allegiances, and vehicle types are no longer a restriction. To complete a mission, players should enter a battle in a vehicle that belongs to one of the following national allegiances:
    • Union—U.S.S.R. and China
    • Bloc—Germany and Japan
    • Alliance—U.S.A., U.K. and Poland
    • Coalition—France, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, and Italy
  • The second campaign becomes available right off irrespective of the progress in the first campaign. Thus, missions of both campaigns can be completed at the same time.
  • Each set includes 15 missions: 14 missions are available right off and can be completed in any order; at the same time, mission 15 (the final mission) becomes available after completing the rest of the missions (similarly to the first campaign).
  • All operations have different sets of conditions:
    • Operation: Excalibur—accumulative missions. A mission should be completed within an unlimited number of battles, e.g. cause 10,000 damage within an unlimited number of battles.
    • Operation: Chimera—a mission can be completed within a single battle (similarly to the first campaign)
    • Operation: Object 279 (e)—a mission should be completed within a limited number of battles. If a player fails to complete a mission, its progress will be reset, and the player will have to start anew.
  • Each completed mission is rewarded with credits, consumables, etc. A completed operation is rewarded with a unique vehicle that cannot be received otherwise.
  • Players will be able to check mission progress right in battle.
    • In Update 1.1, this feature will be available only for missions of the new campaign.
    • The detailed descriptions of the accepted missions will be available in battle upon pressing Tab or N.
  • Indicator of Personal Missions in the Garage shows missions of each campaign separately.
  • Operations of the Second Front campaign will become available successively after a certain time period. Players who complete an operation before the next one becomes available will be rewarded with a corresponding unique emblem.
  • Improved the interface of the first campaign:
    • The main screen is completely reworked to display missions of both campaigns at the same time.
    • Improved the mission profile.
    • All elements were made consistent considering specifics of both campaigns.
    • New reward screens for completed Personal Missions.
    • Reworked the display of missions in battle (upon pressing Tab)

2. Maps

  • Added the new Studzianki map.
  • Added the new Minsk map.
  • Added the Pilsen map that has been reworked to HD. Main changes:
    • Increased map size from 800х800 to 1000х1000 m
    • Completely revised the eastern part of the map.
    • Made a number of balance and gameplay changes all over the map.
  • Made balance improvements to the following maps:
    • Glacier
    • Siegfried Line
    • Mines
    • Province
  • The Province map will be available only for vehicles of Tiers IV-VII.

3. Polish Tanks

  • A new branch of 10 Polish vehicles was added (Tier I-X respectively):
    1. 4TP
    2. 7TP
    3. 10TP
    4. 14TP
    5. 25TP KSUST II
    6. 40TP Habicha
    7. 45TP Habicha
    8. 53TP Markowskiego
    9. 50TP Tyszkiewicza
    10. 60TP Lewandowskiego

4. Stronghold Mode

  • A new functionality will be added to the Stronghold mode soon after the update release: it will allow players to search for detachments automatically. At the same time clans will also be able to search for legionnaires for Skirmishes automatically.
  • The functionality will include the following:
    • The detachment commander will be able to select vehicles that should be used by legionnaires found as the result of automatic search.
    • Legionnaires will be able to select vehicles they want to use when fighting in a detachment.
    • Automatic search for a match (between the vehicles selected by the detachment commander and legionnaires).
  • The automatic search will be available permanently in Skirmishes at Tier VI and on days of Wargames in Skirmishes at Tiers VIII and X (according to the schedule of Skirmishes and Wargames).

5. Other Changes

  • Added the customization functionality for all Tier IX vehicles.
  • Updated Wwise (sound engine): fixed a number of critical issues of the sound system; added a new functionality to improve the sound in the game.
  • Changed the display of Bulletin in the client. The section itself has been renamed into Combat Intelligence.

 6. Changes to the technical characteristics of the vehicles

  • U.S.S.R.
    • Added the IS-2M
  • Changed vehicle characteristics
    • Object 430 II: displayed power of the 4TDF engine was changed from 580 to 610 h.p., which corresponds to the actual value.

7. Fixes and Improvements

  • Added display of dynamic technical characteristics to equipment tooltips.
  • Shells in the magazine are displayed properly when changing a shell type during reloading a magazine.
  • Fixed the issue, when in some cases after repair, vehicles could move without tracks.
  • Fixed the issue when after applying a winter or desert customization element a player re-entered the Exterior menu but got to the Preset Styles tab.
  • Fixed the issue when unremovable camouflage patterns that allowed applying Inscriptions and Emblems could be removed in the Exterior menu.