Update 8.11


New Content:

New Mode: Confrontation

This battle type will be available in Random Battles, along with the "Encounter" and "Assault" battle types. The main characteristic of Confrontation is that it will introduce battles between teams representing specific nations.

Key features:

  • The probability of playing “Confrontation” is the same as for "Encounter" or "Assault".
  • The game maps available in "Confrontation" are the same as in any standard battle.
  • The new battle type will be open for all vehicle tiers.
  • Teams in “Confrontation” are built by nations. Battles cannot be fought by two teams built from vehicles of the same nation. For example, a French vehicle team can battle against the British, Americans, Germans or Soviets, but not against another team of French vehicles.
  • The Chinese and Japanese nations are excluded from this battle type. The reason is that these nations do not have all vehicle types available.
  • The new battle type can be played in platoons, provided that all platoon members are driving vehicles of the same nation (excluding China and Japan).
  • This battle type can be manually disabled in the game settings menu, just like the “Assault” and “Encounter” battle types.

Super Testers Get Three New Vehicles for Testing

  • T23E3 (US, Tier VII, Medium Tank)
  • T95E6 (US, Tier X, Medium Tank)
  • Grosstraktor Krupp (Germany, Tier III, Medium Tank)

New Maps

  • “Windstorm”, 1000x1000m, city map (European, winter)
  • “Ruinberg on fire” – Ruinberg (rainy, with fires and changed lighting)
  • “Winter Himmelsdorf” – winter version of common "Himmelsdorf"



Changes in Vehicles

In 8.11, we decided to give TDs a slight change in World of Tanks. The main change, which influenced most of the vehicles, is a decrease of average damage for 150-152mm guns from 850 to 750. We've received a lot of questions regarding why some vehicles with these guns have 750 average damage, while for Tier 10 vehicles, it's normally 850 points. 850 damage was added along with introduction of Tier X TD's. And at that time, this damage was a welcome change for the game. But as projects continue to develop; this damage increase is now harming the game. So we decided to change it. At the same time, we partly compensated damage reduction for some vehicles with increase of reloading speed.

Aside of that, the AMX 50 Foch (155), Waffenträger auf E 100 and Object 268 have received other characteristics changes.

AMX 50 Foch (155)


AMX 50 Foch (155) has lost its top 1200 h.p. engine, which was replaced by a 1000 h.p. engine. This was done because dynamics of this Tank Destroyer were too high in addition to other strengths of the vehicle. Additionally, we slightly reduced armor penetration for HEAT rounds. These changes might be not final. We will be closely observing performance of this vehicle in 8.11.

  • Maybach HL 295 F (1200 h.p.) engine changed with Saurer (1000 h.p.)
  • Damage dealt by AP-T T368 round of 155 mm AC SA58 gun changed from 850 to 750
  • Damage dealt by HEAT T267 round of 155 mm AC SA58 gun changed from 850 to 750
  • Armor penetration of HEAT T267 round of 155 mm AC SA58 gun changed from 408mm to 395mm


Waffenträger auf E 100

Similar to the top French TD, they might not be final. We've mainly changed the turret rotation and vehicle turning speeds. Additionally, gun dispersion on vehicle movement has been increased. We think that for good performance on the vehicle, these parameters are not crucial. While changing anything else could completely disrupt gameplay on this German TD. We've also reduced the vehicle’s durability by 200 hit points. Our main motivation was to keep vehicle’s role as a 'Glass Cannon' (universal 'nickname' for vehicles with low durability but very high firepower).

  • Turning speed of Waffenträger auf E 100 suspension changed from 30 to 26
  • Gun dispersion of 12,8 cm Kanone L/61 gun caused by turret rotation changed by 212%
  • Gun dispersion of 15 cm Pak L/38 gun caused by turret rotation increased by 75%
  • Rotation speed of Waffenträger auf E 100 turret changed from 24 degrees per second to 22 degrees per second
  • Durability decreased by 200 hit points



  • Reloading time of 155 mm AT Gun T7E2 gun changed from 18.3s to 17s
  • Damage dealt by AP M111E1 round of 155 mm AT Gun T7E2 gun changed from 850 to 750
  • Damage dealt by APCR M112E1 round of 155 mm AT Gun T7E2 gun changed from 850 to 750



  • Reloading time of 155 mm AT Gun T7E2 gun changed from 21s to 19.5s
  • Damage dealt by AP M111E1 round of 155 mm AT Gun T7E2 gun changed from 850 to 750
  • Damage dealt by APCR M112E1 round of 155 mm AT Gun T7E2 gun changed from 850 to 750


Object 268

The Object 268 has lost turning dynamics and reverse speed. Similarly to other cases, we think that these characteristics, keeping in mind strengths of the vehicle, were set too high for this TD. Additionally, we've increased gun dispersion caused by hull movement. It was done in order to remove possibility to fire immediately after passing a long distance. HEAT round armor penetration was decreased similarly to AMX 50 Foch (155), which won't harm the vehicle, but will make it more balanced.

  • Turning speed of Object 268 suspension changed from 30 to 28
  • Gun dispersion on move increased by 11%
  • Gun dispersion on turning increased by 11%
  • Max reverse speed changed from 18 km/h to 15 km/h
  • Reload time for 152mm M64 gun changed from 17s to 16.5s
  • Damage dealt by UBK551M round of 152mm M64 gun changed from 850 to 750
  • Armor penetration of UBK551M round of 152mm M64 gun changed from 450 mm to 395 mm
  • Damage dealt by UBR551M round of 152mm M64 gun changed from 850 to 750

All in all, the above mentioned changes won't be a total nerf for the vehicles, which is desired by some of the game community. But we, as developers, have a difficult task to find balance between power, comfort of play and influence on the battle for changed vehicles, and the TD class as a whole. We will continue to carefully monitor situation on the battlefileds in order to find the perfect balance.

List of Vehicle Profitability Changes

  • T-34-3, profitability increased by 10%
  • 112, profitability increased by 10%
  • FCM 50 t, profitability increased by 5%
  • Lorraine 155 mle. 50, profitability increased by 5%
  • G.W. Panther, profitability increased by 5%
  • Löwe, profitability increased by 5%
  • VK 20.01 (D), profitability increased by 10%
  • VK 28.01, profitability increased by 10%
  • VK 30.01 (D), profitability increased by 10%
  • Sexton I, profitability increased by 10%
  • M12, profitability increased by 3%
  • M6A2E1, profitability increased by 8%
  • T34, profitability increased by 5%
  • С-51, profitability increased by 5%
  • СУ-14-1, profitability increased by 5%
  • Conqueror Gun Carriage, profitability decreased by 10%
  • Object 140, repair cost increased by 25%


Fixes and Improvements


  • Game elements were fixed on the following maps: Erlenberg, Redshire, Highway, North-West
  • Various errors and defects fixed for the maps below: "Himmelsdorf", "Fisherman’s Bay", "Hidden village", "Serene Coast", "Cliff", "Murovanka"
  • "Port" map completely removed
  • Sacred Valley map removed from random battles in 8.11
  • Improved performance on "Hidden Village" map
  • Bug of entering the building inside the cap area in "Himmelsdorf" "Encounter mode" fixed
  • Game performance improved on "Fisherman’s Bay", "Serene Coast", "Severogorsk" and "Ensk"
  • Excessive brightness of some effects was fixed on several maps
  • Fixed inconsistency between visual model and damage model for a number of buildings and objects
  • Fixed blinking effects from tank tracks on winter maps


Other Changes

  • Size bugs of Type 59, T-54, WZ-120, Nashorn fixed
  • Reworked T-54 tank model
  • Changed the armor of AMX 50 Foch (155), AMX 50 Foch, AMX AC mle. 48
  • Parameters of some Tier 10 TD's were rebalanced:  AMX 50 Foch (155), Т110Е4, Т110E3, Object 268, Waffenträger auf E 100
  • Increased profitability of tanks, which were receiving less then counterparts:  Lowe, T34, 112, T-34-3, FCM 50 t, M6A2E1, Sexton I, S-51, SU-14-1, M12, Lorraine 155 mle. 50, VK 28.01, VK 20.01 (D), VK 30.01 (D), G.W. Panther
  • Increased by 25% repair costs for Object 140
  • Balance weight for SPG's reduced by 10%
  • Fixed to low point of drowning for M44 SPG
  • Changed detailing of American tanks damaged suspension models for uniformity: T29, T32, T34, M37, M41, Chaffee, Pershing, T92, Hellcat, M4A2E4, M46 Patton, M103, T57, T110E5, T26E4, T110E4, T110E3, M44, M53/M55, T69, M60
  • Fixed errors in visual models for following vehicles: Chaffee, KV-1S, Lorraine 40 t, Type 3 Chi-Nu
  • Fixed gun models on M48A1 Patton and Conqueror tanks
  • Fixed issues in WZ-120 camouflage patterns
  • In order to decrease Tier VIII vehicle waiting time, Battle Tier 12 is removed from MM distribution
  • Added new game mode 'Confrontation', where teams are created based on nation of the tanks (USSR vs. Germany, USA vs. France etc.)
  • Added new group operations with a crew - retraining the whole crew and returning the whole crew on the tank
  • Added possibility to turn off battle chat, which will hide only custom chat text messages, while showing 'Attention on minimap' and fast commands
  • Added possibility to see the history of battle chat
  • Added voice-over for British crews
  • Added new compensation and penalty system for damaging and/or killing allies
  • Added a more noticeable 'Fire' icon, which is made in the same style as the drowning icon
  • Added possibility to disable display of the tank which killed the player
  • Fixed a lot of errors, and additionally improved 'Battle Missions' window
  • Added button in Context Menu that leads to tank statistics with a right-click
  • Added button in Research and Tank Research Trees section to bring up selected tank in hangar
  • Added possibility to activate 'Fire Extinguisher' consumable, if present, by clicking on the fire icon in the bottom left side of the screen
  • In post-mortem regime first the platooned tanks will be displayed by clicking 'RMB' and only after the rest of the team
  • Added reloading time for standard reloading message
  • Added new markers and indicators to reticle settings
  • Fixed the disappearance of achieved mastery badges
  • Fixed work of in-game voice chat in 'Team Battles'
  • Fixed some issues in 'Team Battles' interface
  • Fixed the strong drop of performance on some graphic setting during close display of some Japanese tanks
  • Change the principle of camouflage purchase: after purchase of camouflage pattern for gold it will remain, and can be mounted for free again after use of other camouflage pattern
  • Added two new 'Battle Hero' achievements: 'Main Caliber' (credited for dealing the biggest amount of damage during the battle) and 'Sniper Tanker (credited for dealing the biggest amount of damage from distance not less than 300m during the battle)
  • 'Sniper' achievement moved to 'Special' category. They will still be displayed in 'Service Record', but there will be no possibility to receive a new one
  • Added new unique achievements for the 'Team Battles': 'Genius for War' (100 times receive the biggest amount of XP in victorious battle), 'Armored Fist' (Destroy the enemy team losing not more than one vehicle), 'Tactical Breakthrough' (Win 3 times in a row, while part of a random team), 'King of the Hill' (Be the only battle survivor, driving a tank or TD) , 'Wolf Among Sheep' (100 times deal the biggest amount of damage in victorious battle)
  • Fixed the description of some achievements
  • Added display of 'Mastery Badge' achievement for cases, when player owns the Mastery Badge, but have completed required conditions again
  • Optimized 'Motion Blur' effect
  • In personal tanker record added display of rates, which influence the performance of the tanker
  • Reworked ricochets visual effects
  • Reworked visuals for 'Hero of Raisennai' medal
  • Reworked tankers badges of ranks for all nations
  • Fixed several issues with replay recording
  • Fixed some errors with replays playback
  • Fixed the display of speed, while moving in reverse with tank
  • Re-set and in general decreased FOV for different resolutions and proportions of the screen
  • Added save of used camouflage pattern between sessions
  • Fixed some errors with UI sounds
  • Fixed not properly working save of camera position after battle end
  • Reworked sounds for falling trees
  • Naidin's medal added to the list of 'Courageous defense' achievements
  • Fixed errors, happening in changing graphical presets