Victory and Fame Points (Updated)

The Victory Points system as well as the Fame Points system was introduced in Clan Wars second campaign. These two systems are designed to encourage players to achieve objectives and to push themselves while participating in Clan Wars, and are some of the ways players can measure the success or performance of clans and their peers.

Aside from bragging rights, clans and players with the most Victory Points or Fame Points stand a chance to win great rewards at the conclusion of the second campaign.


Victory Points

Victory Points are earned when a clan achieves objectives during each Stage of the campaign. These objectives are usually presented as targeted territories on the Global Map, which require clans to attack and/or hold them.

The winner of each stage is determined by these Victory Points accumulated during that stage itself. Furthermore, the top three clans that hold the highest Victory Points at the end of all stages will be declared as the winners of the campaign.

Stage One: Revolution Epoch

In Stage One, all clans will be given the opportunity to acquire Victory Points via two methods - acquiring land, or raiding occupied land.

The first method simply requires the clan to acquire as much land as possible, as they receive Victory Points by taking control of territories. These territories will each produce a certain amount of Victory Points daily, which belong to the owner so long as they control it.

The second method will allow clans to choose a different playstyle, as they can also earn Victory Points by winning battles from provinces in Revolt. Each province that they manage to seize from another clan will grant them a substantial boost in Victory Points.

Clans will receive 42 Victory Points each turn for every province they control after Prime Time has ended. The Victory Points remain with the territory itself - when the clan loses the territory to another clan, all Victory Points earned by that territory so far will be lost.

Clans responsible for attacking and conquering a territory in Revolt will receive an equal amount of Victory Points already contained within the territory itself. Furthermore, any Victory Points earned by this method are permanent - they will not be removed even if the clan loses a future battle.

Fame Points

Unlike Victory Points, which are awarded to clans as a whole, Fame Points are given to players individually, according to their performance throughout the campaign. However, there are many actions available that can reward both Victory and Fame points, such as successfully completing an objective through battles.

The main method to acquiring Fame Points is through participation of battles within a Clan Wars campaign. Similar to the traditional EXP gain after a battle, players who were involved in a battle will receive an amount of Fame Points equal to their performance.


Fame = Experience x Campaign Stage x Battle Type x Strategic Goals

How Fame is Earned Notes Multiplier


Without Premium Account, 1st battle and other bonuses. The value that is used will be the total base experience earned by all players of your Clan in battle divided by 15, regardless of the number of players actually in that battle.


Campaign Stage

Each Stage will have a different modifier based upon vehicle tier for earning Fame Points

Max Tier VI – x1.5
Max Tier VIII – x1.1
Max Tier X – x1.0

Battle Type

You will receive a different amount of Fame Points depending on if you are fighting for a province or participating in a Riot and Landing Tournament  (aside from battles with province owner)

Mainland provinces battles - 5.0

Riots and Landing Tournaments – 1.0

Strategic Goals

In different stages, Clans have the opportunity to accomplish secondary tasks, which are rewarded with a multiplier to their fame when the task is achieved.

See specific Stage rules for Strategic Goals

Stage Winners
As soon as a Stage is finished, the top three clans (based on Victory Points earned) will gain a multiplier effect for all clan members.
  • 1st place: x3.0 multiplier
  • 2nd place: x2.0 multiplier
  • 3rd place: x1.5 multiplier

Bonus Fame Points can also be gained if some specific objectives are met. For example, only players from the winning clan of a campaign stage will receive additional fame points at its conclusion.

It is important to note that these effects are cumulative. For example, if a player wins a mainland province
                battle (x5.0) during Stage 1 of the campaign (x1.5), and is part of the clan that wins that stage (x3.0),
                the resulting formula would be [(Base Fame Points) x 5 x 1.5 x 3].

Secondary Tasks

Completing secondary tasks throughout each stage of the campaign may grant players a substantial amount of Fame Points, or Medals, or both. These are divided into two categories - Serial Medals and Missions. The full list of their descriptions is detailed below. [Updated]

Serial Medals

Like ordinary medals gained in normal battles, Serial Medals are awarded for specific achievements in the Clan Wars Global Map and come in 4 grades. All medals will only be tallied and awarded at the end of the Campaign. [Updated]

There are several achievements available to obtain medals:

  • Win 5, 10, 25, 50 Clan Wars battles
  • Conquer landing zones 5, 10, 20, 30 times
  • Win riot tournaments 5, 10, 20, 30 times
  • Defend landing zones 5, 10, 15, 20 times
  • Defend rioting provinces 5, 10, 15, 20 times
  • Destroy 1, 5, 10, 15 enemy HQs
  • Defend HQ 1, 5, 10, 15 times
  • Conquer 2, 3, 4, 5 landing zones within one prime time
  • Conquer 2, 3, 4, 5 riots within one prime time
  • Ransack 5, 10, 15, 20 provinces
  • Win 4, 6, 8, 10 battles within one prime time (only battles against full enemy team are counted towards the achievement)


Missions are secondary objectives unrelated to the main objectives for each Campaign Stage. Missions can be accomplished at any time during the second campaign.

  • Landing Missions: Clans that are attempting to capture a landing province will be given a destination territory a few positions inland. To complete this task, the clan must deploy their HQ on the captured landing province and move it to the destination territory without removing it again from the map.

    Landing province Destination province Provinces to pass Fame Points
    Ömnögovi Töv 2 10,000
    Issyk Kul Jambyl 1 5,000
    East Kazakhstan Pavlodar 1 5,000
    Khovd Karatuzsky District 3 20,000
    Western Balochistan East Balochistan 1 5,000
    Maysan Najaf 1 5,000
    Dagestan Baku 1 5,000
    Krasnodar Territory Stalingrad 2 10,000
    Arkhangelsk Region Kirov Region 2 10,000
    Badakhshan Razavi Khorasan 3 20,000
  • Stormbringer medal: Awarded to a clan which has conquered the biggest amount of landing zones or revolting provinces within 24 turns during the Second Campaign. All clan members, who have been in the clan by the end of the Campaign, will be awarded with additional 60 000 Fame Points. [Updated]

    If several clans achieve the same max results, the aforementioned clans will all be rewarded. [Updated]

  • The 'Unrivaled' medal: Awarded to the clan with the longest winning streak throughout the Second Campaign. All clan members in the clan at the end of the campaign will be awarded with an additional 100,000 Fame Points. [Updated]

  • 'Loot WG' Mission: Players who manage to remove a Wargaming-controlled clan entirely from the map will complete this mission. The winning clan achieves 5,000 fame points which will be awarded at the end of the campaign. [Updated]

Checking Fame Points

Each player's Fame Points can be accessed by looking at their profile. To view your Fame Points, simply login to your World of Tanks account and click on My Profile. Your Fame Points for the campaign will be shown to you along with all other stats.

Specific Stage Details

Click on the links below to learn more about how to earn Victory and Fame points for each stage.


Regarding Fame Points farming

Wargaming recognises the fact that some players may take advantage of some elements - including diplomatic agreements between clans - to 'farm' Fame Points. This is severely frowned upon, and we reserve the right to demand any clan suspicious of carrying out any such activity to provide our admins with replays of any battle in Clan Wars. This is to discourage players from taking part in such activities and to promote real battles as a more attractive way to earn Fame Points.