Medium Tanks

When your teammates are calling out for rescue, fire support, or holding down the friendly base, yours is the phone that rings. Medium tanks sport a varying mix of armor thickness, weapon output, and speed. The medium tank commander must use his wits to maximize his strengths. Build a 3-medium wolfpack and eliminate heavier combatants. Flank the enemy and weaken enemy footholds. Shift the tide of battle in your team’s favor by spearheading an assault into enemy-held territory. Medium tanks are the vehicles of choice for cavaliering daredevils.


  • Versatility - multiple gun, armor, and speed configurations
  • Maneuverability
  • Flanking


  • Slower than light tanks
  • Less armored, less potent than heavy tanks
  • Flanking maneuvers can result in being cutoff


  • Flank stationary forces like tank destroyers and artillery
  • Team up for combined potency (wolfpacking)
  • Clean-up crew; eliminate heavily damaged, or out-of-position enemy forces


  • Heavy tanks are a tough one-on-one match-up
  • Counterflanking by enemies expecting your attack
  • Ambushes by enemies looking for the vanguard