Currently PlaySpan is one of the most convenient and reliable payment systems among gamers world-wide. According to a large number of reviews PlaySpan is a secure and effective system of Internet payments. 

Credit cards

 Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express can be used directly for any transactions and in-game purchases. Owing to numerous partners Playspan supports neverly every credit card!

PlaySpan has introduced long awaited features that greatly increase the security of your purchases and make future purchases easier.

First of all, you now have the option to save (or not to save) your credit card information for future purchases from the pop-up PlaySpan window. (To save your information, simply check “Save credit card info for future purchases” in the pop-up screen. To prevent your information from being saved, uncheck the option.)

Secondly, having created a PlaySpan account you get an opportunity to transfer money into UltimatePoints. The PlaySpan window for gold purchases will now display your current balance of Ultimate Points. Your current balance of Ultimate Points is displayed at the top right corner of the Play Span pop-up screen. You can use these points to make PlaySpan purchases, including World of Tanks gold.

Ultimate Game Card

 Ultimate Game Card is basically the digital equivalent of real money. Any user can obtain such a card and use it for games supported by the system. The only drawback of this method is that one can be used for paying for one and the same game only.


Paysafecard is Europe's first prepaid card for shopping on the internet. It allows everybody to pay online - currently paysafecard is available in many European countries.

Direct Debit

 The only thing needed to purchase in-game items and gold using direct debit is for you to provide the necessary bank details and then the bank can make the required payment, the only issue with this method is the long waiting times (up to 18 days). 


eCheck is the internet equivalent of a cheque; the user signs a cheque on the internet and then receives the item(s) or gold within 8 days.


Moneybookers is a British company, PlaySpan’s partner. Using Moneybookers is a rather comfortable and popular method in Europe.  


PayPal is an eBay service.  It supports MasterCard, Visa, Discover and the majority of well-known systems.  

Western Union QuickPay

Western Union QuickPay secures direct payments (both using real money or over the Internet).

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a special type of credit card, in fact they resemble something in-between a credit card and a pre-paid card. Gift cards require you to register first.

Payments can also be made via post (using real money). Depending on the method of payment any transaction may take up to 10 days. However in most cases the transactions are immediate.


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