Account Selling Is Fraudulent

Dear Users,

Due to the ever increasing number of World of Tanks accounts being sold, we would like to inform you that any account sale is a financial fraudulence. Thus, we strongly recommend you to read the following information, which explains why such procedures are strongly discouraged for a player.

1. Account selling is against EULA and general game rules of World of Tanks.

2.4 Accounts, Gold/Credits, Pre-order & Promotional codes, Leveling services, Begging.

This category includes:
• Advertising of, or selling of game Accounts.

Violation of the stated rules leads to account punishment and banning.

2. Account selling is fraudulent.

Account selling is fraudulent as it involves financial transactions, which are not controlled by World of Tanks, but by banking services. A swindler might use various methods to obtain a player's account. As money transactions are not controlled within WoT, the player may get into a difficult situation, which may result in him not getting his money back as well as having his account banned.

3. The account seller can obtain access to the specified account at any moment.

When the account is sold, the seller can obtain access to it at any moment, and it cannot be prevented. A swindler can gain access to his email by using password recovery. He can also access the in-game account by proving that he is the original owner of the specified account and saying that it was hacked. Thus, the account buyer wastes his money and will not be able to get the mentioned account.


We remind you that no account seller will ever try to sell something cheaper just for the sake of it. All account selling schemes and techniques are created for getting maximal profit, regardless of any losses it may cause to a player. Following certain rules and general awareness will help you avoid unpleasant situations within World of Tanks.