NA to APAC Transfer FAQ

We’ve got great news for Aussie and New Zealand tankers! A dedicated server for Australia and New Zealand goes live November 1, 2017. It will be active in ‘prime time’ from 6 PM — 12 AM AEDT. We put together a special FAQ to get you fully up to speed on everything you need to know about the upcoming server transfer. Be sure to check it out, and if you have questions that aren't addressed, please feel free to share them on the forum.

General FAQ

1.) What type of server is Wargaming hosting?

The ANZ server isn’t a standalone server, it’s a ‘periphery’ meaning your account remains tied to Asia, but allows you to play on the ANZ periphery. 

You need an Asia account to play on the ANZ periphery. If you have an account on the US server and would like to migrate it across, please follow the instructions at number 10 below.

2.) When does the server go live?

The ANZ server for World of Tanks PC goes live at 6pm AEDT on November 1. It will be active from 6 PM AEDT — 12 AM AEDT daily, until daylight savings finishes on April 1, 2018. The operational hours will then change by an hour to reflect non-daylight savings time.

If you’re unsure about how the time zones relate to your own, you can easily check it here.

3.) How do I log into the ANZ server?

If you already have an account on the Asia server then it’s easy! When you’re in the World of Tanks login screen, all you need to do is click the server dropdown menu, select the ANZ server, and log in as normal.

Please note that if you attempt to log in outside of prime time, you won’t be able to connect to the server. It’s best to log into the Asia server to get the best experience during non-prime time periods you should.

4.) Is this server available to New Zealand players as well?

Yes, it most definitely is. If you live in New Zealand and have an account on the Asia server, then follow the instructions above to log in.

If you have an account on the US server, please follow the instructions further down on how to migrate over to the ASIA server.

5.) What does ‘prime time’ server mean?

‘Prime time’ means that the server will only be active during our most trafficked times (6pm-12am AEST each day). Running the servers daily between 6 PM —12 AM AEST ensures that we’re benefiting as many Australian and New Zealand players as possible.

6.) Why are the servers prime time?

The servers are prime time because we want to carefully manage how we deploy them. Namely, we want to ensure matchmaking runs smoothly and players of all levels aren’t left waiting in queues.

The prime time hours are currently calculated on our busiest hours to benefit most players possible.

7.) What happens if I want to play outside of prime time hours?

If you want to play World of Tanks outside of prime time hours, select the Asia server, instead of the ANZ server, when you log in.

If you are playing on the ANZ server during prime time and continue to play until the prime time ends (e.g. battle starts at 11:59pm), the game will run until it’s finished (regardless of whether or not it goes past 12 AM). Then it’ll log you out once it has saved your stats from the battle.

8.) Will the servers eventually go 24/7?

That’s the goal! However, before that happens we need to increase the player base to ensure the matchmaker works to a standard we’re happy with, as we don’t want long game queues. Our major goal with the ANZ server is providing a fast matchmaking experience.

9.) Where are the servers located?

The servers will be located in Sydney, Australia. We are confident that they will sufficiently service the entire continent and players from New Zealand.

10.) How do I join the ANZ server from the US server?

Register to transfer via this form here October 17–23. Starting Oct. 23, we’ll have a second form live for players to activate the transfer once they confirm their email address. This will start an automated process and should transfer accounts over within a few hours.

Please note that if you’ve been playing on the NA server, you will have to re-download the Asia client to access the Asia/ANZ servers.

This will be a one-time offer, so be sure to register to transfer!

11.) Will all of the tanks and mission status from my existing account come with me if I transfer over?

Yes, your entire account will be transferred, including tanks, crews, items in your depot, and all other details linked to your account. From an account perspective, you won’t even notice you’ve changed servers!

12.) How does the transfer process work?

Step 1: Please ensure you have responded to the initial survey to let us know you would like to transfer.

Step 2: You will then receive a second email with the directions to the transfer page and the times the page will be available.

Step 3: When the transfer window opens (Oct. 26), the transfer page will become available and you will need to input the email address you provided in the initial survey.

Step 4: After you put in your details and accept the conditions of the transfer, you will receive an automated email explaining that the transfer is now being enacted. This can take several hours.

Step 5: Your account is recreated on the Asia server based on the US account, and your US account is perma-banned from the old server, effectively wiping it.

As we mentioned, it’s a one-way transfer: when you transfer over you won’t be able to transfer back.

13.) If I transfer and don’t like the server, can I swap back?

Unfortunately not, this is a one-way transfer and your account will not be able to log back into to the US server once you transferred.

14.) Who can I contact if I have any issues migrating over?

Contact support via

15.) What happens if I don’t transfer?

If you don’t transfer, nothing will change as you’ll continue to play on the US server. You will however miss out on getting access to lower ping and better quality matchmaking services.

16.) I’m a member of a clan on the Asia server, what will this mean for me?

As a Clan member, players may need to decide between staying in a mixed-nationality clan or region-focused clan:

  • A mixed-nationality clan will have members active in different time zones throughout the day, but could be scattered on different periphery.
  • A region-focused clan will have more members online on the same periphery, but only within a few hours period of time.

17.) How will this impact the current WGL APAC season?

The ANZ server launch will have no impact on the WGL APAC Extended Season. Matches will be scheduled accordingly and players will simply log onto ASIA server to compete.

18.) What does this mean for Clan Wars?

Clan Wars, including Stronghold mode and the Global Map, will have its own designated prime time hours for the ANZ and Asia servers, based on the time zone UTC +8.

Stronghold will be available on the ANZ periphery during early primetime: 15:00 UTC+8 to 18:00 UTC+8 daily until daylight savings finishes. It will then switch to 16:00 UTC+8 to 18:00 UTC+8, and ASIA for later primetime: from 18:00 UTC+8 to 24:00 UTC+8.

Global Map will also have similar settings, available on the ANZ periphery during 16:00 UTC+8 to 19:00 UTC+8, and 20:00 UTC+8 to 24:00 UTC+8 on ASIA periphery.

19.) If I already have an APAC account, will it be replaced by my US account coming over?

No. You will have to pick a new email for your incoming account, but it will be a brand new copy of your current US account. (No merge will occur)

20.) If the ANZ Server is just a shard, why can't I stay on US server?

Because the server architecture is tied to the APAC server. If you want to play on the ANZ shard you must be on the APAC Server.

21.) Will my World of Warplanes Account be affected?

No, your Wargaming US account will still exist and be free to log in to World of Warplanes on the US Server.