Protection of Game Accounts

Due to WoT account thefts becoming more frequent, we strongly recommend you to read the following carefully:


I. Prevention of Hacks.

Some players share their game account with friends or relatives which may lead to unexpected password changes, bans, micro-transactions and other problems. We strongly recommend that you never give out any information regarding your game account to other people in order to avoid having your account hacked, as we are not responsible for such actions.

The majority of all accounts are lost due to carelessness.

In order to prevent your account from being hacked, it is advised that you:

  • install antivirus software on your computer;
  • scan your computer using an antivirus program regularly;
  • never give out personal information, including your password(s), e-mail address or other personal details related to the game;
  • use secure passwords, which are hard to guess. For Example,

Qwerty is an easy-to-crack and obvious password,

  Vjq1gfhjkm2 is a complicated and adequate password.

  • Administration will NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ask you to reveal your game or e-mail password. Do not trust anyone with your passwords;
  • register your game account using an email that only you have access to;
  • do not use cheats, bots and other software that gives you an unfair advantage in-game;
  • always keep proof(s) of payment, provided by World of Tanks;
  • never use the same password for different places;
  • only use your account information for official WoT resources, such as the website, forums;
  • do not visit suspicious websites.

Remember, the security of your account lies in your own hands!

II. If your account has been hacked. 

1. Perform the following actions:

  • Check your computer for harmful software: viruses, spy programmes.
  • Change your email password (or contact your mail server support service in order to restore it). Delete any mail redirection to other addresses. Delete the link to your “additional e-mail box” in your mail client. Make sure that your secret question/answer and the password to access your e-mail are complicated enough and that they are difficult to guess. After having done everything, exit and re-enter using your e-mail account.  
  • Prevent and restrict others from accessing the internet as well as your email inbox on your computer.

2. If your e-mail has also been hacked, contact your mail server support service (we will not change the email used for your game account).

3. We reserve the right to block any hacked account while problems and issues are being looked into and fixed. If your account was blocked, we require proof in the form of screenshots, images of receipts, etc. related to the compromised account to verify payments were made.

It is important that you describe the problem in detail when contacting support, so we can deal with any issues swiftly and efficiently.

4. After your account and email have been restored and your account still seems to be corrupted, you can apply for compensation.

We will investigate all hacked accounts. We may return sold tanks, gold and credits but with limitation and certain conditions. Please contact support team at