Heavy Tanks

Armored and battle-hardened, the heavy tank is a wall of steel bent on hitting the enemy squarely in the mouth. Outfitted with thick steel and a merciless weapon, go toe-to-toe without fear, even in close quarters. Secure and hold the frontline. Eliminate combatants one at a time. Punch, reload, punch again. The heavy tank is built to bring the opposition to ruin; bring the fight straight to your opponent and be the last vehicle standing.


  • Heavily armored
  • Heavily armed
  • Very durable against repeated punishment


  • Slow speed
  • Low maneuverability
  • Large, high-priority target


  • Lead the charge, when it's time to push
  • Close-quarters combat can be advantageous
  • Shield allies from damage when the opportunity presents itself


  • Artillery and tank destroyers can attack heavies with relative ease due to size and speed
  • Faster, more maneuverable vehicles can run circles around you
  • Unfavorable terrain can limit your firing and manuevering ability