Pay via MOL Prepaid Cards

MOL prepaid cards allow users to make payments to their favourite online games fast and easily. They are useful to those who prefer to pay with cash, allowing them to refill their game account at 540,000 locations worldwide.

Use of a MOL prepaid game card is very convenient due to a few significant features:

  • Highly secure
  • Quick
  • 540,000 worldwide locations
  • Simple in operation and proceeding
The purchase rate of in-game gold for this payment method is 250 Gold for 1 USD. The purchase rate in national currencies is subject to changes due to exchange rate fluctuations.

In order to make a payment via MOL prepaid gamecard, please follow these steps:

STEP 1: Navigate to the "Get Gold" page.  

STEP 2: Scroll down to the bottom of the page to "Purchase via Prepaid Card". Hover over the bundle, then click on "Continue".

STEP 3: You will be redirected to the MOL website. Key in the serial number, pin and CAPTCHA code, then click on "Continue" to complete the process.

Denominations for MOL Prepaid Cards (Global)

  • Global
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
Prepaid Card Value Amount of Gold
USD 80.00 20,000
USD 65.00 16,250
USD 50.00 12,500
USD 40.00 10,000
USD 35.00 8,750
USD 32.50 8,125
USD 22.50 5,625
USD 20.00 5,000
USD 16.00 4,000
USD 13.00 3,250
USD 10.00 2,500
USD 9.00 2,250
USD 8.00 2,000
USD 6.50 1,625
USD 5.00 1,250
USD 4.50 1,125
USD 3.00 750
USD 2.00 500


MOLPointsCard IDR 720000
MOLPointsCard IDR 360000
MOLPointsCard IDR 315000
MOLPointsCard IDR 202500
MOLPointsCard IDR 200000
MOLPointsCard IDR 180000
MOLPointsCard IDR 100000
MOLPointsCard IDR 90000
MOLPointsCard IDR 81000
MOLPointsCard IDR 50000
MOLPointsCard IDR 45000
MOLPointsCard IDR 40500
MOLPointsCard IDR 27000
MOLPointsCard IDR 20000
MOLPointsCard IDR 18000


MOLPointsCard INR 5000
MOLPointsCard INR 2500
MOLPointsCard INR 1000
MOLPointsCard INR 500
MOLPointsCard INR 250
MOLPointsCard INR 100


MOLPointsCard RM300
MOLPointsCard RM200
MOLPointsCard RM100
MOLPointsCard RM50
MOLPointsCard RM40
MOLPointsCard RM30
MOLPointsCard RM20
MOLPointsCard RM10


MOLPointsCard PHP5000
MOLPointsCard PHP2000
MOLPointsCard PHP1000
MOLPointsCard PHP500
MOLPointsCard PHP300
MOLPointsCard PHP250
MOLPointsCard PHP200
MOLPointsCard PHP150
MOLPointsCard PHP100
MOLPointsCard PHP50
MOLPointsCard PHP20
MOLPointsCard PHP15
MOLPointsCard PHP10
MOLPointsCard PHP5


MOLPointsCard SGD100
MOLPointsCard SGD80
MOLPointsCard SGD50
MOLPointsCard SGD30
MOLPointsCard SGD20
MOLPointsCard SGD10
MOLPointsCard SGD5


MOLPointsCard THB1000
MOLPointsCard THB300
MOLPointsCard THB100
MOLPointsCard THB50
MOLPointsCard THB50

Take advantage of MOL prepaid cards to pay for your next World of Tanks purchase!

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