Commanders, you have a great opportunity to make your friends happy with welcome presents, including exclusive or premium tanks and a handsome amount of gold.

You may choose various gift packages in the World of Tanks Gift Shop.

After purchasing a gift, your friend will receive an email notification about the gift receipt. The list of gifts will be shown in the My Gifts section of the recipient’s World of Tanks Account Management page.

A recipient may accept a gift or refuse it. If a recipient does not respond within 30 days, the gift will be refused automatically. In case of a gift refusal, it will be transferred to the giver’s account.

If a recipient already has a gift package tank, she or he is entitled to a compensation of a full tank cost in gold, which will be credited to their account automatically.

How do I purchase something in the Premium Shop?

Buying items and bundles from our Premium Shop has never been easier! To complete a purchase for yourself or a friend, first navigate to the Premium Shop homepage. There you will find items available for purchase.

There are several categories of items available for purchase in the Premium Shop, including Featured, Gold, Premium Account, Vehicles and Specials. 

Select the item you would like to purchase. When selected, the page will display more information about the item or bundle, including an option to “Purchase as a gift”. If you are purchasing a gift for another tank commander, select this option!

When selected, two new fields will appear, allowing you to enter the nickname of the player to whom you are gifting. You can use the “Message” field to send a brief message to your recipient.

To complete your purchase, click the button that says “Purchase MOLPoints”.

Note: In addition to direct online transactions via credit card, we now support payments made with several pre-paid cards/E-Pin transactions as well.

Premium Shop Items by Category


Gold is an in-game currency that allows you to make use of additional benefits such as Premium vehicles, Premium account time, shells and other content. Gold may also be converted to credits if necessary.

In order to get Gold, pick the respective category.

Choose the desired items, click “Purchase” and follow the payment instructions.


A premium account provides 50% more Credits and Experience per battle, and thus it allows you to progress faster through the tech tree towards your chosen vehicle.

In order to get Premium account time, pick the respective category.

Choose the desired item, click “Purchase” and follow the payment instructions.


Premium vehicles cannot be researched through the tech tree nor obtained for credits. Their earning capabilities are, by default, higher when compared to standard vehicles of the same tier.

In order to get Premium vehicles, pick the respective category.

Choose the desired item, click “Purchase” and follow the payment instructions.


Specials include many items - such as vehicles, sets and Premium account time - on discount. There is a countdown counter under every sale item title showing how much time remains on the availability of the discount.

In order to get items on sale, pick the respective category.

Choose the desired item, click “Purchase” and follow the payment instructions.

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