Battle Pass


Battle Pass is a seasonal game event during which you can earn Points and progress through Stages. As you complete these Stages, you will earn valuable rewards, such as unique crew members, Premium vehicles, 2D styles, decals, days of WoT Premium Account, and much more. Each Season lasts three months and occasionally includes special chapters.

You can find more detailed information about the current season of Battle Pass in this article.

Main Rules

Battle Pass consists of three main Chapters with 50 Stages in each. To select a chapter, click the Battle Pass icon in the Garage. To move to the next Stage, you need to earn 50 Points. Once you've reached a certain Stage, your progress cannot be reset and you cannot return to a previous one. Upon completing each Stage, you get valuable rewards.

At the same time, you can pause progress on the current Chapter and switch to another (including a special one, if available) an unlimited number of times. Progress in the paused Chapter will not be reset. You can resume it at any time from the last Stage you reached.

You can complete Stages and earn rewards only after selecting a Chapter. We therefore recommend activating one of the three Chapters as soon as the Season starts. Once you have activated a Chapter, its current Stage is displayed on the Battle Pass icon in the Garage.

Note that Chapters are not activated automatically. When you finish one of the Chapters, you need to manually select another one.

You can also purchase Stages for any of the Chapters. This way, you do not need to earn Points. However, note that you can purchase Stages only if you have an Improved Pass.

Battle Pass Points

Battle Pass Points are a currency that enables stage-by-stage progression through the Chapters. The Points can be obtained by various means:

  • In all types of Random Battles (except Grand Battles)
  • In the Frontline and the Onslaught game modes when they are available
  • By completing Daily Missions

Additional Points can be earned even if you have reached the maximum number of Points for your selected vehicle.

Battle Pass Points continue to accumulate even after you have completed all Stages. Once you complete all the main Chapters, you can spend Points on special items.

  • Random Battles
  • Frontline
  • Onslaught
  • Daily Missions

You can receive Points in Random Battles only by playing in Tier IV–X vehicles.

The number of Points you receive after each battle will depend on your rank in the team results by XP earned. You will receive Battle Pass Points even if you draw or lose. The Point distribution rules for the season's Core Vehicles differ from those for regular vehicles.

You can earn more Points per battle in Frontline compared to other modes. The number of Points depends on the battle results and your rank in team results by XP earned.

Top 5 25 10
Top 20 10 5

Besides earning Points per battle, you will also receive 20 Battle Pass Points for reaching each new Frontline Tier.

In Onslaught, Points are awarded based on the outcome of the battle. You can learn more in this guide.

You can obtain Points for completing Daily Missions. Note that you can complete Daily Missions in vehicles of any tier.

The more difficult the mission, the more Points you earn.

Mission Points earned
Tier I (easy) 10
Tier II (medium) 15
Tier III (hard) 20
Bonus Mission 25

For every 45 Daily Missions completed, you will receive an additional 50 Battle Pass Points.

Points earned cannot be lost.

Point Limit

Each vehicle has a Point Limit that can be reached while playing in Random Battles or Onslaught. The higher the vehicle tier, the higher the Limit.

Points received in Daily Missions and in Frontline do not affect the Point Limit, meaning you can earn Points in Daily Missions and in Frontline even after the Point Limit has been reached.

Once you have earned the maximum number of Points for your selected vehicle, you will receive additional Points. The number of additional Points depends on the vehicle's tier.

Note that the number of additional Points for Core Vehicles does not depend on their tier.

Vehicle Tier Point Limit Additional Points
IV 70 15
V 85 15
VI 100 15
VII 250 20
VIII 400 25
IX 550 30
X 700 35
Core Vehicles 1000 35

More information about the Point Limit mechanics



You can earn a maximum of 400 Points in the Tier VIII IS-3. Once you earn the maximum number of Points, you receive an additional 25 Points over the Point Limit. The grand total is therefore 425 Points.

The Point Limit only applies to Points earned in Random Battles and Onslaught.

You can also earn Points in Tier IV–X rental vehicles. If you rent a vehicle and then decide to buy it permanently, the Points earned with the vehicle during the rental period will be saved.


You are renting the Tier VIII 50TP prototyp, which can bring you a maximum of 400 Points. During the rental period, you earn 100 Points in this tank. Later on, you decided to buy it permanently. After your purchase, you can earn another 300 Points with the 50TP prototyp before reaching the Point Limit and then earning an additional 25 Points.

By default, all of your vehicles are displayed in the vehicle panel in your Garage. You can filter for the vehicles that can bring you Points by clicking on (Filter by Parameters) and then choosing (Battle Pass Vehicles).

In the vehicle panel, each vehicle that you can use for Battle Pass is marked with a special indicator that shows how many Points you have already earned in that particular vehicle as well as its Point Limit. Vehicles that have already reached their Point Limit will not be displayed when you apply this filter.


Battle Pass Items

You can find the Battle Pass items in the (Event Rewards) section of the in-game Store. All items are divided into two categories: ones that you can purchase for Tokens, and ones that you can purchase for Points. You can purchase items for Points only after completing the three main Chapters.

Items for Tokens

Completing certain Stages brings you Tokens that you can exchange for valuable items in the in-game Store.

You can earn up to 24 Tokens during any given Season: 15 among the Base Rewards and nine among the Improved Rewards. These Tokens are exchangeable for valuable in-game assets and unique Tier IX vehicles.

You can accumulate Tokens throughout all Battle Pass Seasons of a specific year. Items for Tokens can be purchased until a certain date closer to the end of the year. Past this date, you will receive compensation of 100 bonds for each unspent Token.

Items for Points

Points earned during your progress through the Chapters and after their completion can be spent on special items, such as key rewards from previous Seasons or bundles with bonds. Once the Season starts, you can view all the available items. However, you will be able to buy them only after completing the three main Chapters and only until the end of the Season. To purchase items for Points in the next Season, you will have to complete all of its main Chapters again.

Note that the rewards for the items you received in previous Seasons cannot be purchased for Battle Pass Points.

At the end of the Season, unspent Points will be removed without compensation.

Core Vehicles

Every Battle Pass Season features three Core Vehicles.

Features of Core Vehicles:

  • Increased Point Limits: You can earn 300 more Points with Core Vehicles than with other vehicles of the same tier.
  • Special rules for obtaining Points: Core Vehicles will earn you more Points in Random Battles and Onslaught than other vehicles.


For completing Stages, you will get valuable rewards. There are Base Rewards and Improved Rewards. You will receive Improved Rewards only if you have an Improved Pass. Each main Chapter features a crew member, a Premium vehicle, a decal, a 2D style, and even more resources than ever before.

For more information about the available rewards, see the Battle Pass section of the portal. However, some rewards deserve a special mention.

  • Premium Vehicles
  • 2D Styles
  • Crew Members
  • Decals
  • Equipment

After completing the final Stage of each main Chapter, you will receive a Premium vehicle with a unique Normandy-inspired 3D style.

You receive one of three 2D styles as a Base Reward for completing the first Stage of each main Chapter. These styles are all-season and non-historical. You can apply them to vehicles of any tier.

After completing Stage 40 of each main Chapter, you will receive a crew member with Brothers in Arms as a zero perk, as well as enough Crew XP to train two more perks.

You can recruit your received crew members for an unlimited period of time in the Recruits section of your Barracks.

You can also choose the nation and qualification for each crew member. However, you cannot change their personal data, such as their name, surname, or image. These crew members do not have unique voiceovers.

Decals are granted as Improved Rewards for completing Stage 30 of each Chapter. The decals are non-historical and can be applied to any vehicle.

After completing certain Stages, you can choose an item of equipment as a reward. You can receive not only standard equipment but also Bounty and Experimental Equipment during Battle Pass.

To learn more about equipment in the game, see our guide.

Choice of Rewards

After completing some Stages, you will receive rewards to choose from. These rewards include national fragments, Crew Books, equipment, and directives. You do not have to select a reward in order to proceed to the following Stages and Chapters. You can claim the rewards you receive at any time during the Season. To do this, click CLAIM REWARD on the Battle Pass screen.

If you do not claim your rewards by the end of the Season, you will receive the default rewards when you first log in to the game after the Season is over.

Improved Pass

If you purchase the Improved Pass, you will be able to claim both Base and Improved Rewards.

You can purchase an Improved Pass for a particular Chapter using gold, or you can use real money to purchase all three main Chapters at once.

Improved Pass for All Main Chapters

There are two bundles that include an Improved Pass for all Chapters. You can purchase one of them:

  • Battle Pass: Full Access: This bundle includes an Improved Pass for all three Chapters of a Season.
  • Battle Pass: Daily Gold: This bundle includes an Improved Pass for all three Chapters of a Season and allows you to get 250 еach day for 30 days. To get these funds, you must play at least one Random Battle each day. If you do not play a Random Battle on a certain day, you will not receive any gold for that day.

Bundles with an Improved Pass will not be available once you purchase an Improved Pass for one or several Chapters using gold.

Once you purchase a bundle, you will receive the Improved Rewards for all Stages you have completed. You will receive both Base and Improved Rewards for completing Stages until the end of the Season.

You can find Battle Pass bundles in the Premium Shop under (Best).

Improved Pass for a Particular Chapter

At any time during the Season, you can use gold to purchase an Improved Pass for a particular Chapter.

Immediately after purchasing an Improved Pass for a Chapter, you will receive all of the Improved Rewards for the Stages of the Chapter that you have already completed.


You complete the "On a Knife-Edge" Chapter and start the "Flight of the Swallow" Chapter. You then decide to purchase an Improved Pass for the latter. Once you purchase it, you will instantly receive the Improved Rewards for all completed Stages of the "Flight of the Swallow" Chapter. Going forward, you will receive both Base and Improved Rewards for each completed Stage of this Chapter. To get the Improved Rewards for the "On a Knife-Edge" Chapter, you would need to purchase an Improved Pass for that Chapter, as well.

Follow these steps to purchase an Improved Pass for a Chapter:

  1. Click the Battle Pass icon in the Garage.
  2. On the Battle Pass screen, click Purchase Improved Pass.
  3. Select the Chapter for which you wish to purchase the Improved Pass.
  4. Click Purchase to confirm the purchase. The cost of an Improved Pass for one Chapter will be charged to your account: 2,500.

Purchasing Stages

After acquiring an Improved Pass, you will be able to purchase any number of Stages—but only within the Chapter covered by that Improved Pass.

You will immediately receive all Base and Improved Rewards for the purchased Stages, and those Stages will be considered completed. One Stage costs 250. You can buy Stages on the Battle Pass screen.

You can purchase as many Stages as necessary until the Chapter is complete.

End of Season

Here is what to expect at the end of this Battle Pass Season:

  • All accumulated progress will be reset. Points earned and Stages reached will return to zero.

  • The Improved Pass and Progression Stages will not be available for purchase.

  • Items for Points will not be available for purchase.

  • Crew members will remain available for recruiting for an unlimited period.

  • If you activated a Chapter and completed Stages but did not claim rewards during the Season, you will receive the default rewards for the completed Stages when you first log in to the game after the Season ends. If you purchased an Improved Pass, you will receive both the default Base and Improved Rewards.