Modules and Equipment


When buying a tank after having researched it, in most cases you don’t really get the end product. In fact, what you get is just a very basic version of the vehicle, which can and should be upgraded if you want the tank to reach its full potential. There are two parallel ways of improving your vehicle’s performance: one mandatory (modules) and one optional (equipment).


The first of the aforementioned types of upgrades, the modules, are divided into five categories: suspension, engine, turret, radio and main gun.

All of these categories are valid for every vehicle type, with the exception of “Turret”, which is unavailable on most Tank Destroyers and SPGs. Investing XP and credits in modules is technically not really mandatory, but if you want not only to remain competitive in the respective tier but also to climb higher in the tech tree, researching modules is unavoidable. Moreover, bonuses provided by upgrading modules vastly outmatch those which you can get from equipment.


Possible Upgrade Bonus


  • Increase weight carrying capacity
  • Improve traverse speed
  • Improve suspension durability


  • Improve acceleration
  • Improve traverse speed
  • Improve engine’s durability
  • Reduce chance of fire upon impact


  • Improve view range
  • Improve tank’s HP pool
  • Improve turret traverse speed
  • Improve turret’s armour
  • Enable mounting of better guns
  • Expand ammo rack capacity


  • Improve radio communications’ range

Main gun

  • Improve gun accuracy
  • Improve damage output
  • Improve reload time
  • Improve gun’s penetration


The priority in terms of which module should be upgraded first may differ between tanks, as many machines, even in their stock versions, may have strong points which won’t require immediate improvements. However, the most effective first choice for upgrades in most cases is the suspension, because stock tanks usually come almost at the limit of their weight capacity. As a result, these vehicles require first a better suspension before they can be improved further.

Useful Tip:

Please be careful when upgrading guns. Some vehicles can install different types of guns, which characteristics may require that you change your play style to fit the gun type.  For example, take the well-known and much appreciated German Tier V medium tank, the V Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H . This particular vehicle is capable of mounting either a 7,5 cm gun or a 10,5 cm howitzer as its final armament:





10,5 cm KwK 42 L/28

(click to enlarge)

  • Howitzer with a tremendous alpha damage potential for a Tier V vehicle.
  • Horrible accuracy and penetration values
  • Mediocre rate of fire
  • Use of HE shells highly recommended

7,5 cm KwK 40 L/48

(click to enlarge)
  • Standard 75mm gun with good rate of fire
  • Decent penetration values
  • Decent alpha damage for a Tier V medium tank
  • Acceptable accuracy


Installing the howitzer, which is quite inaccurate, would require that you shortened your engagement distance and started playing as a short to mid-range supporter and flanker. This play style requires an acute sense of timing and the ability to use your surrounding for cover. Choosing the 7,5 cm gun, on the other hand, allows you to fire faster, more accurately and with better penetration chances, thus enabling you to take down enemy vehicles at considerable distances.

Therefore always read the descriptions of the guns in the research window and make sure that you mount the right gun for your play style.


Besides upgrading modules, you can improve your tank’s performance also by installing various pieces of equipment. In World of Tanks, the term ‘Equipment’ refers to specific independent devices, which – if installed – can improve a particular trait of your tank per device. You can install up to 3 pieces of equipment on a single vehicle.

Generally, you can install any piece of equipment on any vehicle in your garage. However, there are few exceptions which are vehicle type dependent or nation-dependent. For example, Additional Grousers can be fit only on certain tanks and Cyclone Filter can be used only on Soviet and Chinese vehicles.

Moreover, keep in mind that many pieces of equipment come in different variants, which determine on which tanks they can be installed. For example, the Gun Rammer comes in 2 variations: one for medium-caliber and one for high-caliber guns. Therefore, some devices you may buy on a low-tier vehicle may not be compatible later on. It is highly recommended to make sure that the item you are purchasing is compatible with the tank you want it for.

IMPORTANT: All equipment, except Binocular Telescope, Camouflage Net and Toolbox, is considered complex devices, and as such, its installation is permanent. The only way of removing complex equipment is to either destroy it or demount it using gold. Mechanisms removed with gold are stored in your depot and can be later installed on a different compatible vehicle or sold.


Installing equipment is purely optional and not having any on the tank will definitely not prevent you from progressing to higher tiers. However, if you’re planning to keep the tank you currently play, or have difficulties in making it work and expect a long grind, investing in additional equipment may give you the extra edge, allowing you to overcome your opponents on the battlefield.

When choosing equipment for your tank, you should aim for either boosting its distinguishing/ most important aspects, or countering its drawbacks. Here are some examples of equipment sets adjusted for certain vehicle types:

Vehicle Type


Example Equipment Setup

Light Tanks

Coated Optics

Improved Ventilation

Enhanced Torsion Bars

+10% view range

 +5% to all crew skills

+10% to load capacity

+20% suspension durability

Medium Tanks

Tank Gun Rammer

Vertical Stabilizer

Improved Ventilation

-10% to loading time

+20% accuracy during movement and turret rotation

+5% to all crew skills

Heavy Tanks

Improved Ventilation

Tank Gun Rammer

Vertical Stabilizer

+5% to all crew skills

 -10% to loading time

+20% accuracy during movement and turret rotation

Tank Destroyers

Camouflage Net

Binocular Telescope

Tank Gun Rammer

 Camouflage bonus

 +25% to view range

 -10% to loading time

Self-Propelled Guns

Camouflage Net

Artillery Shell Rammer

Enhanced Gun Laying Drive

Camouflage bonus

 -10% to loading time

 +10% to aiming speed


IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the setups listed in the table above are meant only as examples. As such they may not necessarily fit every single vehicle of its type. Therefore, before you buy and install any piece of equipment on your tank, we advise you to play a couple of battles with it first and see which of its aspects you should concentrate on. Equipment is very expensive, even in the low tiers, so buying it should always be a conscious, informed decision.