Autoaim: Basic Do's and Don'ts

The Autoaim feature is one of the first things all tank commanders learn when they begin their journey in World of Tanks. Many hold different opinons about Autoaim; some feel that it's a waste of time, while others swear by its effectiveness in every battle.

In truth, Autoaim is just another tool in the commander's arsenal that can be exceptionally powerful when used at the right time.

The Basics: How to use Autoaim

In case you've forgotten all about the tutorial, Autoaim allows you to automatically target an enemy vehicle at all times, leaving you free to control your tank's position while waiting for a good firing position.

To activate Autoaim, simply right-click on your intended target when your reticle is hovering over it. Any shots you fire will be aimed at the target until Autoaim is deactivated.

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Advantages of using Autoaim

  • Ease of use: It's undeniable that things get much easier when you no longer have to juggle between moving your tank and aiming the gun. This in turn allows you to...
  • Stay alive longer: Without having to worry about the aiming, you can focus entirely on making sure your tank is safe and your flanks are protected. This also means more opportunities to seek out ideal firing positions.
  • Increase Damage-Per-Minute: DPM is a widely-accepted form of measurement for how much damage your tank can inflict upon your enemies while under your control. Because Autoaim ensures that your sights are permanently set on your target, a mere click of a button will ensure that any rounds fired by you will travel towards their general direction and hitting the enemy.

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Disadvantages of using Autoaim

Autoaim as a mechanic definitely sounds fantastic on paper. Who wouldn't use it all the time?

Unfortunately, Autoaim does contain some flaws that have repelled players from depending on it.

  • In Autoaim mode, the reticle always points at the center of the target. Although not much of a problem when facing an SPG with paper-thin armour, the problem arises when you're faced with a tough Heavy Tank with massive sloped armour instead. Many weak spots are actually located away from the center, which means if you're up against a heavily armoured foe, you might find your shells just bouncing off your target harmlessly.
  • Your gun is still affected by your tank's movements. The reticle might be trained on your target, but keep in mind that the circle can still expand or contract due to the gun becoming unsteady while in motion. Firing on the go can still cause shots to go astray, bouncing off armour or missing your target entirely.
  • Autoaim still relies on your turret's traverse speed to track your targets. If you're being harassed by a light tank running circles around you, the last thing you want to do is to activate Autoaim; the reticle will be stuck in an endless chase to get the target in your sights while the light tank buries round after around into your side armour.

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Conclusion: is Autoaim worth it?

Yes and no! Autoaim is still a very valuable tool, but there are limits to its capabilities.


  • Use it in short ranges, especially in hit-and-run attacks at point blank range
  • Activate Autoaim for harrassing the enemy easily while on the move


  • Use Autoaim at long ranges; it will likely just fail to penetrate or miss entirely
  • Activate it when trying to damage specific areas (tracks, lower front plate, etc.). Autoaim will simply aim straight ahead at all times.

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