How to use the Zoom mechanic effectively

The Benefits of Zooming In

Have you ever found yourself straining your eyes and trying to aim at the red-outlined pixel that's supposed to be your target over on the other side of the map? Occasionally, one of your shots just might connect, but we're willing to bet that they just disappear into the bushes never to be heard from again.

So, what's a tank commander to do? You can always move your vehicle closer, of course, but that's often a very bad idea (i.e. you'll get exposed and destroyed rather soon). Alternatively, this is where you should use the 'Sniper Aim' mechanic, which is basically a way for you to zoom-in.

How to Zoom into your target

Getting a better image of the tank you're about to annihilate is literally as easy as tapping a button. In case you've somehow forgotten about the lessons learnt in the 'Battle Training' tutorial, simply press the Shift key to go into zoom mode, or turn the mouse wheel to do so.

Once you're in Zoom mode, you're free to adjust the magnification using the mouse wheel.

Note: This is also how you switch to Artillery View when using an SPG in battle.


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Do's and Don'ts of Zooming In: Part One

The ability to zoom into your target may be one of the most essential skills you can learn in World of Tanks, but don't get too comfortable with it; here are a few things you should do when you're in Sniper Aim mode:

  • Watch your surroundings. The flow of battle can move fast and the quiet little corner you're hiding in may be the site of the next big firefight within the next minute. If you sense a storm coming, abandon the target you're stalking and prepare to leave the scene.
  • Be patient. Zeroing into your target can take a few seconds, but your chances of hitting dramatically increase the tighter your recticle is. While many commanders frequently speak of amazing kills from 'snap-shotting' their targets, it's usually a better idea to get a clear shot if you can afford to wait.

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Do's and Don'ts of Zooming In: Part Two

First-time users of the Sniper Aim mechanic can be tempted to use it as much as possible, but that may not necessarily be a wise idea. Here's a few things that you shouldn't do whenever possible:

  • Don't stay in one spot for too long. Unless you're in a vehicle with an exceptionally high camouflage rating and in good cover at the same time, you will eventually be seen by the enemy. Having 2-3 tanks actively hunting you is bad enough, but the real danger comes from the SPGs, who are always on the lookout for easy, stationary targets.
  • Try not to move and fire at the same time while in Sniper Aim mode. Any movement your vehicle makes can destabilise the gun and cause your shots to miss. You're also easier to spot when you move, which will consequently invite attacks from enemy tanks.

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