Gold, Credits & Bonds

In World of Tanks, the main form of progression is through researching and unlocking increasingly more powerful vehicles for use in battle. But that’s just one part of the equation. In order to actually use these war machines to the best of their capabilities, you’ll need to spend a combination of the 3 currencies available to you: Gold, Credits and Bonds.

The following sections will briefly describe each currency, and include tips on how to earn and spend them. Need an easy cheatsheet? Try this page instead.


The most basic currency of the three and yet arguably the most important one, credits allow you to purchase standard vehicles (i.e. those that are researchable from the tech trees), their modules and the ammunition needed to use in battle.

Credits are also used to pay for repairs made to damaged vehicles after a battle; not repairing your tank will cause it to enter a battle with the same amount of HP left after its previous one!

This currency can also pay for consumables as well as for some moderate training for your crew.

How to earn credits:

  • Completing battles. The better your performance, the more credits you’ll earn.
  • Finishing missions during special events. Some of them will award you with additional credits when you fulfill the required objectives.

What you can purchase with credits:

  • Standard vehicles and modules (unlock them by spending EXP in the tech tree)
  • Camouflage, Inscription and Emblem customisation options
  • Repairs for your vehicle
  • Crew efficiency training
  • Equipment
  • Ammo
  • Consumables

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Considered by many to be the premium currency in World of Tanks, gold is precious as it can only be obtained by exchanging real-world money for them, but their usefulness far outweighs the cost.

With gold, you’ll be able to purchase special (and sometimes rare) ‘Premium’ vehicles for use in battle, additional space in your garage and barracks to hold more vehicles and crew respectively, train any crew member up to 100% efficiency, and more.

How to earn gold:

  • Purchase gold packages in the Premium Shop. Some special bundles will also include a mixture of consumables, boosters and gold, along with a Premium vehicle. This is the easiest method to get gold.
  • Participating in the Global Map portion of the game. Note: this requires joining a clan first. The Global Map is also generally considered for more advanced players - check it out when you've got some kills notched on your belt!
  • Gold may appear as a rare reward for successfully completing an in-game mission.
  • Join contests for a chance to win, where the prizes usually comprise of gold. These don't happen very often, so keep a look out for one.

What you can purchase with Gold:

  • More Garage Slots to increase your vehicle limit
  • More Barracks space to increase your crew limit
  • Train your crew to 100% efficiency instantly
  • Create your own clan
  • Convert gold into credits, which will...
    • indirectly allow you to purchase everything else that you normally could with credits

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The newest of the three currencies usable in World of Tanks, Bonds are a special resource that currenly allows players to enhance their vehicle's performance still further in several ways, assuming that they've already maxed out their potential with gold and credits.

In all honesty, Bonds and the benefits they allow are more of interest to veteran players. But since you'll be one yourself someday, what's the harm of knowing more right now?

How to earn Bonds:

What you can purchase with Bonds:

  • Improved Equipment: These are generally similar in terms of function, other than the fact that they grant undeniably better stats than their regular counterparts.
  • Directives: Granting unique effects only in the space of one battle, Directives function much like one-time use consumables.

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