Luật thi đấu Giải Hạng Đồng

General Regulations

  1. Tournament Administration
    1. Tournament Managers: Asia
    2. The League ASIA 2014 is organized by the TeSL in partnership with

      Note: TESL may contact players with regards to tournament matters.

  2. Validity of the Rules
    1. Should any of the rules in this rulebook be void for any legal reasons in any specific country, the remainder of the rule book remains valid for that country.
  3. Rule modifications
    1. The tournament administration reserves the right to change or modify these rules, and in special cases make decisions not covered by these rules to preserve the spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship.

Match Rules

  1. Game Settings
    1. Match mode: Standard Game Mode
    2. Battle time: 10 minutes
    3. Team roster size: 11 players
    4. Starting line-up: 7 players
    5. Maximum number of reserves: 4 players
  2. Map Pool
    1. Himmelsdorf
    2. Ruinberg
    3. Ensk
    4. Cliff
    5. Prokhorovka
    6. Mines
    7. Steppes
  3. Tanks Regulations
    1. Team Tier point limit: 42 points.

      i.e. A team consisting of 7 tanks must NOT exceed a total of 42 Tier points.

    2. Vehicle limitations: Tier 8 or below vehicles are allowed.
      1. Teams may use tanks of different nations.
      2. Premium vehicles are allowed.
      3. Items: Gold ammo and Gold consumables are allowed.
  4. Victory Conditions
    1. Teams are awarded a victory when all enemy vehicles are destroyed within the time-limit, or when the enemy base is captured within the time-limit.
  5. Draw Rule
    1. In case of a draw during a match during the Bronze Series online qualifier, both teams will be disqualified.
  6. Bronze Series
    1. The results for the Bronze Series will be published via the Wargaming website.
    2. Maps will be chosen at random from the map pool.
    3. Sides for participating teams (i.e. Blue & Red team) will be decided randomly.
    4. The tournament format for the Bronze Series will be Single Elimination.
    5. The first team to win three out of seven games wins the match.

Tournament Structure

The tournament will be divided into four different competitive tiers: Bronze Series, Silver Series, Gold Series and the Season Finals.

  1. Bronze Series
    1. The Bronze Series will be a weekly online preliminaries controlled by the online tournament system that will accommodate up to 128 teams.
    2. Open registrations for the Bronze Series will begin each week on Monday 12:00 PM UTC +8.
    3. Registrations for the Bronze Series will close every week on Friday 12:00 PM UTC +8.
    4. Round Schedules are as follows:
      1. Round 1 (Round of 128 teams), Random from Map Pool: Saturday 10:00 UTC +8 (02:00 UTC)
      2. Round 2 (Round of 64 teams), Random from Map Pool: Saturday 12:00 UTC +8 (04:00 UTC)
      3. Round 3 (Round of 32 teams), Random from Map Pool: Saturday 14:00 UTC +8 (06:00 UTC)
      4. Round 4 (Round of 16 teams), Random from Map Pool: Sunday 10:00 UTC +8 (02:00 UTC)
      5. Round 5 (Round of 8 teams), Random from Map Pool: Sunday 12:00 UTC +8 (04:00 UTC)
    5. The top 4 teams from the Bronze Series will advance to the Silver Series.
    6. Gold Rewards for the weekly Bronze Series are as follows:
      1. 1st - 4th Place: 2,000
      2. 5th - 8th Place: 1,500
      3. 9th - 16th Place: 1,000
    7. Infringement of any of the above rules will result in immediate disqualification.
  2. Silver Series
    1. The top 4 teams from the Bronze Series will advance to the Silver Series.
      1. Depending on their performance in the Silver Series, each team will be rewarded with Points. The Weekly Point System will only be awarded to teams within the Silver Series in any given week.
      2. There is also a mandatory point deduction system, whereby teams will be deducted 5 points every week regardless of which Series they may be. Teams that do not have any points will not receive any deduction.
    2. The amount of points given to the teams in the Silver Series per week are as follows:
      1. 1st Place: 250 Points
      2. 2nd Place: 150 Points
      3. 3rd Place: 100 Points
      4. 4th Place: 70 Points
    3. Round Schedule:
      1. Day 1 (Tuesday):
        - 1st Match: Team A vs Team B
        - 2nd Match: Team C vs Team D
      2. Day 2 (Thursday):
        - 3rd Placing: Day 1 loser bracket
        - Weekly Final: Day 1 winner bracket
    4. If a team is disqualified, they may forfeit their points.
  3. Gold Series
    1. The top 8 teams with the most points will advance from the Silver Series and battle amongst themselves for the chance to represent Asia in the Grand Finals.
      1. The top 8 teams in WGL Korea's Silver Series (a sister-tournament) will also battle amongst themselves to represent Korea in the Grand Finals.
    2. Asia's 1st and 2nd teams according to their performance will be seeded into the season finals.
    3. Korea's 1st team according to their performance in WGL Korea Silver Series will also be seeded into the season finals.
    4. If there are 2 teams with the same points in the Silver Series, their ranking will be decided by their total W/L numbers in matches.
  4. Season 1 Grand Finals
    1. The highest competition level of Season 1.