Landing on the Map. Tournaments


Landing province

A province in which you can land through a tournament. A landing province is marked with a special symbol on the map .

Applying for landing

A way of landing on the Global Map. Clans that applied for landing participate in a tournament and compete for the chance to land on the Global Map.


A series of battles for the province.


Clans involved in a tournament for a province. Challengers for a landing province comprise clans attacking from adjacent territories and clans that applied for landing.

Key Rules

To find a province suitable for landing, click  (Global Map Provinces), and select the required search options.

Landing Applications

Your clan can apply for landing if the following conditions are met:

  • Your clan has no provinces and Divisions on the Global Map yet.
  • Your clan includes enough players, and each of the players has played at least one battle in a required tier vehicle. The required number of players and the vehicle tiers depend on the characteristics of a Front.
Maximum players on a team  Maximum vehicle Tier
7 VI
15 X

For example, a clan is going to submit two applications for landing in two Fronts:

  • A Front with the maximum vehicle Tier X and 15 players on a team
  • A Front with the maximum vehicle Tier VIII and 10 players on a team

To submit the applications, the clan must comprise at least 15 players:

  • 15 players who have played at least one battle on a Tier X vehicle
  • 10 players who have played at least one battle on a Tier VIII vehicle

The following rules apply to landing applications:

  • Clans can apply for landing once the battles in a province are over.
  • An application can be submitted or canceled up to an hour before the Prime Time in a province.
  • Applications are accepted and canceled in real time, which means you don't have to wait for the turn to be processed.
  • The number of applications for a landing tournament is limited. If the list of participants is full, a clan cannot apply for landing.
  • A clan cannot have several applications for landing in one province.
  • Each clan may have several applications for landing in different provinces at the same time. The number of applications is limited by the clan size and tiers of vehicles that can be used by clan players in battles.

Only the following clan officers can submit and cancel a landing application:

  • Commander
  • Executive Officer
  • Personnel Officer

Tournaments and Battles Against the Province Owner

Tournament Participants

Province owner
Clan applied for landing
Clan attacking from an adjacent territory

In some Fronts, landing provinces cannot be attacked from adjacent territories.

The following rules apply to tournaments:

  • Each clan that applied for landing gets a free Division.
  • Divisions of clans that applied for landing are placed on the province an hour before the Prime Time.
  • An hour before the Prime Time in a province, a tournament bracket is formed and opposing teams are selected.
  • In case the number of tournament participants is odd, one of the clans gets no opponent and advances to the following round by default.
  • Tournaments are run by the Olympic system: once defeated, a participant is eliminated from the tournament.
  • All battles within a tournament are conducted in World of Tanks.
  • The required tier of vehicles and the number of players are determined by the characteristics of a Front.
  • Only teams having the required number of players are allowed to battle. A team lacking players faces a technical defeat.
    Front Minimum players on a team
    VI 5
    X 12 
  • A landing province can be attacked from the neighboring provinces. In this case, an attacking clan will have to participate in a tournament along with other challengers. Even if an attacking clan has a Division equipped with modules, combat reserves cannot be used in battles for a landing province.

The province owner does not participate in a tournament:

  • The tournament winner challenges the province owner in a final battle. 
  • If the owner’s Division does not defend the province, a tournament winner becomes the owner of the province without a battle once the next turn is processed.

Opponents for tournament battles are matched according to the following rules:

  • First round. Opponents are matched by Elo rating starting with the clan that has the lowest rating.
  • Subsequent rounds. Opponents are matched by experience earned in the previous round. Matching starts with a clan that earned the least experience or did not participate in the previous round as it had no opponent.

Battle Results Without the Province Owner in a Tournament

Results of Tournament Battles Without the Province Owner

  • Victory. The winner of the current round passes to the next round. The tournament winner challenges the province owner.
  • Defeat. Defeated clans are eliminated from the tournament. 
  • Draw. Both opponents are considered defeated and are eliminated from the battles for a province.

Results of a Final Battle with the Province Owner

  • Victory for the attacking clan. The winner becomes the province owner when the next turn begins.
  • Defeat of the attacking clan. The province owner retains the territory. 
  • Draw. The province owner retains the territory.

Vehicles destroyed in a final battle with the province owner are unavailable for battles on the Global Map for a certain period of time. See details in the Vehicle Lock section.

A clan can land on the Global Map without a battle if it receives a province from its direct Major or Minor Power in the Alliance (see Transferring Provinces).

Balance Values

Interval between rounds 30 minutes
Maximum battle duration in a tournament  15 minutes