Landing on the Map. Auctions


Auction province

A province where a clan can land only by taking part in an auction.


A Global Map currency. Used to buy Divisions and modules, raise province income, take part in auctions, and pay for other actions. Clans can earn influence only by participating in battles on the Global Map.

Accumulated influence is reset once a new season starts.


A way of landing on the Global Map. During auctions, clans make bids in a special currency called influence.


Amount of influence that a clan spends to take part in an auction. If the bid loses, the influence is completely or partially returned to the clan.

Minimum bid

The amount of influence that a clan must pay to participate in a landing auction. Bids below the minimum are not accepted.

Last winning bid

A bid that won the previous auction for the province. Not stated if no auction was held for that province on the previous day. May serve as a reference point for participants of the current auction. The last winning bid does not affect the minimum bid amount.

Free influence

Influence spent on a landing bid in excess of the basic Division cost. Free Influence can be used to purchase modules for the Division.

Auction winner

The clan or several clans that placed the highest bid and won the right to fight for the province with other challengers.


Clans involved in a tournament for a province. Challengers for an auction province comprise clans attacking from adjacent territories and auction winners.


A combat unit used by a clan to attack an enemy’s provinces and defend its own territories. A Division can be reinforced with modules. Influence is required to organize a Division.


Means of reinforcing Divisions that change Division characteristics and allow the clan to use Combat Reserves in battles for a province. If a Division survives a battle, it keeps its modules, and they remain active. You can add up to three modules of different types simultaneously.

Key Rules

To find a province suitable for landing, click  (Global Map Provinces), and select the required search options.

To land in a province, a clan can make a bid to participate in an auction. A clan can only make a bid if it has no provinces and Divisions on the Global Map.

Auctions on the Global Map are held to the following rules:

  • All auctions on the Global Map are closed: clans know neither the number of participants nor the value of their bids.
  •  An auction may only be held for a landing in an auction province.
  • Preliminary results are calculated during auctions, after which the smallest bids drop out of the auction.
  • You can make or remove your bid no later than one hour before the Prime Time starts in the province.
  • The auction winner is decided one hour before the Prime Time starts in the province.
  • The auction winner gets the right to take part in the tournament along with the other clans that are attacking the province from adjacent territories.
  • Immediately after auction results are summed up, the Division of the auction winner is relocated to the province and provides the clan with intelligence data on the enemy Division.

In some Fronts, auction provinces cannot be attacked from adjacent territories.

Auction bids comply with a number of rules:

  • All bidding activity is performed in real time, so it is not necessary to wait for the next turn.
  • The bid amount cannot be modified. If you want to raise or lower your bid, pull the current bid and make a new one.
  • If bids are of equal value, the clan that made its bid first wins.
  • A bid already includes the basic Division cost. The clan can spend free influence to buy modules.
  • The minimum bid cannot be below the basic Division cost.
  • If a bid drops out of the auction after final result calculations, the whole amount of influence spent on the bid is returned to the clan, regardless of whether modules were purchased or not.

The following clan officers can perform actions with bids in an auction:

  • Commander
  • Executive Officer
  • Personnel Officer
  • Combat Officer

Factors affecting a minimum bid:

  • Province income level
  • Connection to the Headquarters
  • Division presence in the province
  • Number of neighboring clans

A clan can land on the Global Map without a battle if it receives a province from its direct Major or Minor Power in the Alliance (see Transferring Provinces).

Balance Values

Time of final result calculations: 1 hour before Prime Time.

Number of auction winners: 1 winner.

Influence returned to the clan when its bid drops out of the auction: 100%.