Seasonal Leaderboards


Seasonal Leaderboards

A seasonal event featuring a series of military actions, which bring Victory Points to clans.


Seasonal Leaderboards is comprised of several stages. By the end of each stage, Clans receive Gold based on their ranking.


There is a separate ranking for each stage. All leaderboards are reset at the start of a new stage. Clans are ranked depending on the number of Victory Points they accrued during one stage.

Key Rules

To check your rank in the Seasonal Leaderboards, click .

However, the icon becomes unavailable when Seasonal Leaderboards are not active.

By default, players can access the active stage leaderboard. They can also freely browse the results of recent Stages at any point during a season.

The following rules apply to Seasonal Leaderboards:

  • Leaderboards are Front-based; i.e. there is a separate ranking for every Front on the Global Map.
  • If your Clan plays simultaneously on several Fronts, it will be placed in several leaderboards accordingly.
  • If your Clan finishes a season top-ranked in several leaderboards, it will reap several rewards.
  • If a Clan scores the same number of Victory Points as the highest-ranking competitor, both Clans get an equal amount of Gold.