Penalties for Missed Battles


No-show in battle

A situation when a clan failed to enter a team in a battle or had an insufficient number of players on the team.

Review period

A time period for which no-shows in battles are tallied to define the penalties imposed on a clan.

Victory Points

Points a clan earns for participating in battles during a season.

Clan Fame Points

Points a clan earns for completing tasks during an event.


A Global Map currency. Used to buy Divisions and modules, raise province income, take part in auctions, and pay for other actions. Clans can earn influence only by participating in battles on the Global Map.

Landing application

A way of landing on the Global Map. Clans that applied for landing participate in a tournament and compete for the chance to land on the Global Map.


A combat unit used by a clan to attack an enemy’s provinces and defend its own territories. A Division can be reinforced with modules. Influence is required for Division organization.

Key Rules

  • Only teams with the required number of players are allowed to battle on the Global Map. A team lacking players is scored a no-show. The minimum number of players depends on the characteristics of a Front.
  • Depending on the number of missed battles, certain penalties are imposed on a clan. Only battles missed within a certain period of time, called the review period, are considered. Penalties are imposed on the next turn.

Battles missed due to technical issues are not counted and do not lead to penalties.

  • A clan receives one penalty point for each missed battle.
  • The following penalties are imposed on a clan:
  • After processing the battle results
  • On the next turn
After processing the battle results
  • Decrease in the number of landing applications
  • Increase in the cost of a Division
On the next turn
  • Withdrawal of Victory Points
  • Withdrawal of Clan Fame Points
  • Withdrawal of Influence

All active defense and landing bids are canceled before the Influence is withdrawn.

If a clan does not enter a transferred battle, it receives a no-show penalty alongside the clan that transferred the battle (see Transferring Battles).

 If the convoy defender misses the battle, no penalty is imposed (see Attack on a Convoy).

Information About Penalties

The number of penalty Points is displayed on the clan panel in the upper right corner.

To see detailed information about penalties, click . The PENALTIES FOR MISSED BATTLES panel opens.

The panel is divided into two tabs:

  • ACTIVE PENALTIES. List of penalties imposed on a clan.
  • PENALTY LOG. Detailed information on active and waived penalties.