Silver Series Regulations

1. General Regulation

1.1 Tournament Administration

Tournament Managers: Asia

Yamanetw –

Hannt –


Will Liau -

Kuro Lin -

Alan Liang -

Big Boss -

The League ASIA 2014 is organized by the TeSL in partnership with TeSL may contact players in regards to tournament.


2. Tournament Structure

The entire tournament structure will be divided into different series levels: Qualifying Stage, Bronze Series, Silver Series, Gold Series and Season Finals.

Silver Series

2.1.1    Official match schedule will be published via the WARGAMING website.

2.1.2    Matches must play at designated times.

2.1.3    Silver Series matches will be scheduled on every Tuesday and Thursday from 20:00 UTC +8 (12:00 UTC) onwards.

2.1.4    Points will be accumulated throughout the Season and teams will be ranked accordingly.

2.1.5    Points to be distributed according to the outcome of the match:

A.    Win – 3 Points
B.    Draw – 1 Point
C.    Loss – 0 Point

2.1.6    At the end of the Season, Top 2 teams in Silver Series will be automatically seeded into Gold Series for the next Season.

2.1.7    3rd and 4th placed teams will have a promotion playoffs against the 5th and 6th placed teams in Gold Series to earn their spot in Gold Series for the next Season.

2.1.8    5th and 6th placed teams will have a playoffs against the 3rd and 4th placed teams in Bronze Series to retain their spot in Silver Series for the next Season.

2.1.9    7th and 8th placed teams will be automatically relegated and dropped out of Silver Series for the next Season.

2.1.10    In the event where there is a draw in points at the end of the season, the Win/Loss (+/-) difference will be used to determine which team will be higher in position.

2.1.11    If a team is disqualified, they will forfeit their points.

2.1.12    The tournament format for Silver Series is Round Robin.

2.1.13    Sides: (Team 1 / Team 2) will be decided by a referee with a coin toss. (Winner of the coin toss will be the Home team)

2.1.14    The first team to win three out of five games wins the match. (Best of 5)

2.1.15    If a team wishes to swap their match schedule with another team (it must be in the same week), the team must contact and arrange with TeSL 48 hours prior to their match. It will be the team captain’s obligation to liaise with the other team and the other team has to agree with the change. The eventual decision lies with TeSL, TeSL reserves the right to deny the request if necessary.

2.1.16    Missing/Late Team
-    Players in same team who fail to arrive for their scheduled time will receive a default loss for their match after the organizer’s match start time.


3. Match Rules

3.1 Game Settings

3.1.1    Match Mode: Standard game mode

3.1.2    Battle Time: 7 minutes

3.1.3    Team roster size: 11

3.1.4    Starting line-up: 7

3.1.5    Maximum number of reserves: 4


3.2 Map Pool

  • Himmelsdorf
  • Ruinberg
  • Ensk
  • Cliff
  • Prokhorovka
  • Mines
  • Steppes


3.3 Map Picking

3.3.1    The captain of the Home team will begin the banning process. When enough maps are banned (2 in BO5) the Home team captain picks a map, after which the Away team captain picks their side on the map. After that, the Away team picks the next map and the Home team chooses their side, until all maps are picked.

3.3.2    Best of 5

  • Home team eliminates first map
  • Away team eliminates second map
    5 maps remain
  • Home team decides 5th map, Away team decides the side to play on
  • Away team decides 4th map, Home team decides the side to play on
  • Home team decides 3rd map, Away team decides the side to play on
  • Away team decides 2nd map, Home team decides the side to play on
  • Home team decides 1st map , Away team decides the side to play on


3.4 Tanks Regulations

3.4.1    Team tier point limit: 42 (Consisting of 7 tanks with total tier points not exceeding 42 points)

3.4.2    Vehicle limitations: Tier 8 or below vehicles are allowed.

  • Teams may contain tanks of different nations.
  • Premium vehicles are allowed.
  • Items: Gold ammo and Gold consumables are allowed.

3.4.3    Missing Player

  • Total amount of vehicle tiers in one team must not exceed 42 points (7 players).
  • If a player is missing before the match battle, the maximum tier points are reduced by 6 per missing player.


3.5 Tank Picking

3.5.1    The team captain is obliged to provide the referee responsible for their team with the tank selection for the particular map, before the tank picking commences. Each team must pick the tanks they provided to the judge when tank picking begins (within 30 seconds), in whatever order. The tank setup provided to the referee cannot be changed.

3.5.2    The team captains will provide their tank picks to the referee before each battle in person. Tank line-ups may only be changed when a team captain is providing the new line-up for an upcoming battle to the referee.


3.6 Victory Condition

3.6.1    All enemy vehicles are destroyed within the time-limit or the base is captured within the time-limit.


3.7    Draw Rule

3.7.1    Points are given per set to determine the match outcome:

Win = Winning team gets 1 points
Draw = Both teams gets 1 points
Lose = Losing team gets 0 points

3.7.2    If a team reaches 3 points, that team wins the match. But if both teams at the same time reach a score sufficient for deciding the match after a draw (3:3 for BO5 or 4:4 for BO7), the match will go to a Tie-breaker.

3.7.3    If the BO5/BO7 matches ends with a draw in Silver Series and Seasons final. The match will go into a Tie-breaker.


3.8 Tie-Breaker

3.8.1    Game Mode: Assault Mode

3.8.2    Battle Time: 7 Minutes

3.8.3    Starting line-up: 7

3.8.4    Map: Sand River

3.8.5    To determine the “Home” team in this setup, the total damage dealt on all tanks in all the battles of the particular match between two teams will be added up for each team. The team with higher total cumulative damage in all these matches will be the Home team.

3.8.6    In the event where both teams are evenly matched in total cumulative damage, the Home team will be decided by the referee with a coin toss.

3.8.7    The Home team can pick the side they will play on during the tie-breaker (attack or defend).

3.8.8    Winning the tie-breaker game awards the team with a win of the entire match.

WARGAMING reserves the right to change the match date for Silver & Gold Series.

Infringement of any of the above rules will result in immediate disqualification.

All General Tournament Regulations apply.