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Can You Tank This?

Hop on your trusty tank and prepare to roll out for glory! The biggest World of Tanks tournament is now underway and we're sounding the call to arms once again for our best tankers in the region!

Split into three seperate seasons, WGL Asia is the primary eSports event that promises intense tank-on-tank action throughout the entire year of 2014.

WGL Asia Current Status

WGL Asia is currently underway in Season One!

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What is WGL Asia?

The WGL (or Wargaming League in abbreviation) is Wargaming's answer to the age-old question: How do we determine who's the best World of Tanks eSports team on Earth?

The first ever WGL Grand Finals was held in Warsaw, Poland in one glorious weekend in the early weeks of April 2014, where Philippines-based team PVP Super Friends managed an amazing run as the underdogs of the tournament by attaining 4th Place.

Although Asia was always a part of the WGL from the beginning, the region soon adopted the name officially as its primary eSports tournament for World of Tanks, consequently retiring its previous TanksAsia Masters where many professional teams initially made their mark.

Now known as WGL Asia, the stage is now set for the emergence of even more professional teams in the region. The best will continue the climb to greatness - first facing off against the top teams from Korea in the WGL APAC finals, then continuing onwards to the next WGL Grand Finals.

A match every week, guaranteed

WGL Asia's Seasons last a few months each, and every month is packed full of matches to watch or participate in (if you sign up). In fact, we can safely say that you'll never be short of matches to watch, because a WGL match is scheduled almost every week!

To find out more about the current match schedule, click on the link here.

Pave the road to glory; register now!

WGL Asia is looking for the best of the best to take up the challenge. Is your team the best in Asia? Sign up now and find out! Generous prizes of in-game gold and real world cash await you!

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Infographic on Tournament Structure

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