Silver Series Tournament Regulations

General Regulations

  1. Tournament Administration
    1. Tournament Managers: Asia
    2. The League ASIA 2014 is organized by the TeSL in partnership with

      Note: TESL may contact players with regards to tournament matters.

  2. Validity of the Rules
    1. Should any of the rules in this rulebook be void for any legal reasons in any specific country, the remainder of the rule book remains valid for that country.
  3. Rule modifications
    1. The tournament administration reserves the right to change or modify these rules, and in special cases make decisions not covered by these rules to preserve the spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship.
  4. Travel and Passport
    1. To participate in the Grand Finals, players must be over the age of 18 (or between ages 13 - 18 with written permission from a parent or guardian).
    2. Due to the extraordinary nature of the tournament (i.e. travelling overseas for Grand Finals matches, etc.), all players MUST fulfil several requirements to be eligible for participation:
      1. All team members of registered teams must have a passport ready before the Gold Series commences for each Season.
      2. All team members of registered teams must ensure that their passports are valid until the end of August 2015.

Match Rules

  1. Game Settings
    1. Match mode: Standard Game Mode
    2. Battle time: 10 minutes
    3. Team roster size: 11 players
    4. Starting line-up: 7 players
    5. Maximum number of reserves: 4 players
  2. Map Pool
    1. Himmelsdorf
    2. Ruinberg
    3. Ensk
    4. Cliff
    5. Prokhorovka
    6. Mines
    7. Steppes
  3. Map Picking
    1. The first team will always be presented as the 'Home Team'. The second team will always be presented as the 'Away Team'.
    2. The captain of the Home Team will begin the banning process. When enough maps are banned (2 in a Best-of-5), the Home Team captain picks a map to battle on, after which the Away Team captain picks their side on the map. The Away Team captain then gets to pick the next map while the Home Team chooses their side on the map chosen. This process will continue until the required number of maps are picked.
    3. Example: Best-of-5 format
      - Home Team eliminates the first map
      - Away Team eliminates the second map
      - 5 maps remain
      - Home Team picks 5th map, Away Team decides the side to play on
      - Away Team picks 4th map, Home Team decides the side to play on
      - Home Team picks 3rd map, Away Team decides the side to play on
      - Away Team picks 2nd map, Home Team decides the side to play on
      - Home Team picks 1st map, Away Team decides the side to play on
  4. Tanks Regulations
    1. Team Tier point limit: 42 points.

      i.e. A team consisting of 7 tanks must NOT exceed a total of 42 Tier points.

    2. Vehicle limitations: Tier 8 or below vehicles are allowed.
      1. Teams may use tanks of different nations.
      2. Premium vehicles are allowed.
      3. Items: Gold ammo and Gold consumables are allowed.
    3. Missing Players
      1. The total amount of vehicle tiers in one team must NOT exceed a total of 42 Tier points (shared amongst 7 players)
      2. If a player is missing before the match battle, the maximum tier points are reduced by 6 for each missing player.
    4. Missing/Late Teams
      1. Players in the team who fail to arrive punctually will receive a defeat for all matches slated to be played after the organizer's match start time .
      2. The missing or late team will also lose all their Points earned so far in the Silver Series (applicable in Silver Series only)
  5. Tank Picking
    1. The team captain is obliged to provide their tank selections for the particular map to be played for the referee responsible for their team, before the actual tank picking phase commences.
      1. Each team must pick the tanks they have provided to the judge when tank picking begins, in whatever order. The tank setup provided to the referee cannot be changed.
    2. The team captains will provide their tank picks to the referee in person before each battle. Tank line-ups may only be changed when a team captain provides the new picks for an upcoming battle to the referee.
  6. Victory Conditions
    1. Teams are awarded a victory when all enemy vehicles are destroyed within the time-limit, or when the enemy base is captured within the time-limit.
  7. Draw Rule
    1. To determine the match outcome, points are given per set, according to the following rules:
      1. Win: The winning team will get 1 point.
      2. Draw: Both teams will get 1 point each.
      3. Lose: The losing team will get 0 points.
    2. If a team reaches 3 points, that team will win the match. However, if both teams reach a score sufficient for deciding the match after a draw at the same time (3:3 for Bo5 or 4:4 for Bo7), the match will proceed to a Tie-breaker.
    3. If the Bo5/Bo7 match ends with a draw in the Silver/Gold Series and Season Grand Finals, the match will proceed to a Tie-breaker.
  8. Tie-breaker
    1. Game mode: Assault
    2. Battle time: 10 minutes
    3. Starting line-up: 7
    4. Map Pool: Karelia, Sand River, Malinovka, Siegfried Line, Westfield
    5. To determine the 'Home Team' in this setup, the total damage dealt on all tanks in every battle of the particular match between the two teams will be added up for each team. The team with the higher total cumulative damage in all these matches will be the Home Team.
    6. In case the teams are evenly matched in total cumulative damage, a coin toss by the referee will determine the Home Team.
    7. The Home Team can pick the side and map they will play on during the Tie-breaker.
    8. Winning the Tie-breaker game awards the team with a win for the entire match.
  9. Silver Series
    1. The tournament format for Silver Series is Single Elimination.
    2. The first team to win three out of five games wins the match (Best of 5).
    3. With regards to Sides:
      1. Teams will be sorted to Team 1 or Team 2 depending on their Bracket positions.
      2. Team 1 will be the 'Home Team', while Team 2 will be the 'Away Team'.
  10. Battle Rules
    1. A team must have at least the minimum number of team members of 7 members required for each tournament. Each team may include 4 reserves.
    2. Teams may deploy no more than 7 members in each match.
    3. Players may be substituted freely between battles within a round, but must be on the roster.
    4. If there is discovery of the use of a ringer or faker in the place of another player, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.
    5. Any player found to be cheating will be immediately kicked from the league, and will receive additional sanctions.
    6. Teams cannot reschedule battles; the following are the few exceptions:
      1. Severe real live issues
      2. Unexpected server downtime or maintenance
      3. Wargaming partners technical difficulties
    7. WARGAMING reserves the right to disqualify or refuse further participation of teams at its sole discretion without any prior notice whatsoever, on the grounds of:
      1. Serious violations of tournament rules and regulations
      2. Intentional acts that are legal in nature, but cause damages to WARGAMING and the tournament as a consequence (Misfeasance)
      3. Causing the Rules and Regulations of the tournament to be amended for the benefit of a team by means of deception, coercion or exploiting weaknesses or loopholes throughout the tournament
    8. For the sake of accountability, all teams are required to save the replays of all match battles for WGL APAC-Asia Bronze Series. It will be at your own risk if you did not save up the replays when a dispute is lodged towards your team.
    9. In case of any disputes, the ruling of an admin is final. 
  11. If disconnection occurs during a match
    1. Disconnection is defined as: any connection loss between opponents due to system, network, PC and/or power issues.
    2. Intentional disconnection is defined as: any connection loss between opponents due to a player's actions. The offending player may be given a yellow card or be immediately charged with a default loss at the referee's decision.
    3. When the game is disconnected during the offline Season Final, the player must inform the referee of the situation by raising their hand.
    4. In event of a disconnection, the appropriate procedure to be carried out will be decided by taking two criteria into consideration: Before Engagement and After Engagement.
      1. Case 1 (rematch): If the game is disconnected before engagement:
        - The disconnected player must re-connect to the server within 3 minutes
        - If the disconnected player cannot connect to the server after 3 minutes, the match must be restarted with a reserve player (if a reserve player is online).
        - If the disconnected player cannot connect to the server and there is no reserve player online, the 'Missing Player' rule will apply to the team (see Tanks Regulations > Missing Players).
      2. Case 2 (non-rematch): If the game is disconnected after engagement:
        - The disconnected player must re-connect to the server with no possibility of a match restart.
  12. Unfair Play
    1. The following actions are henceforth considered as unfair play, which can and will be penalized via Yellow Cards, forfeits or disqualification at the referee's discretion:
      1. The use of any unapproved/cheat/map-hack programs
      2. An intentional disconnection
      3. The use of any settings that exceed the standard and permitted settings
      4. 'Unnecessary chatting' during the match, which is further defined as any chatting that does NOT fall within the following listed exceptions:
        1. Greeting messages between the players
        2. Typing 'p' to request for a pause during a stage match
        3. a signal to concede a loss (i.e. 'gg', 'GG', or any other messages that the referee can use to decide the winner)
        4. chatting between players that does not violate the unsportsmanlike behaviour clause
      5. Intentionally losing a match
      6. External conditions (Press, Team Leaders, Players, Spectators, etc.) that are giving or have given an unfair advantage to a player. The offending player may be given a warning or a default loss at the referee's sole discretion.
      7. Unsportsmanlike or disruptive behaviour (e.g. shouting, swearing)
      8. Inappropriate and/or unprofessional actions directed towards another player (including in-game).
      9. The use of a program bug that is determined by the board of referees as being unfair.
    2. Upon discovery of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, the offending player, at the sole discretion of the board of referees, may receive a warning, a forfeited loss or, in extreme cases, be disqualified from the tournament outright.
    3. During the course of the Grand Finals, the board of referees may determine other actions to embody unfair play.
  13. Official warnings and penalizations - Yellow and Red Cards
    1. Yellow Cards are official warnings for rule infractions. 2 Yellow Cards = 1 Red Card.
    2. Yellow Cards given to a single are considered as a team Yellow Card. Any Yellow Cards given will remain with the team throughout the entire tournament event.
    3. Red Cards result in an immediate match forfeit.
    4. Red Cards are immediately reviewed by the referee board and can result in disqualifications.
    5. Disqualifications are applied to serious situations and result in the complete removal from current and remaining Grand Finals events.
  14. Final Provisions
    1. The above-mentioned rules may be amended in the following cases:
      1. should the WARGAMING Committee, at its sole discretion, decide to adopt the latest patch/version release of each official game
      2. should the WARGAMING Committee, at its sole discretion, decide to modify in-game settings and options required by the use of the most recent patch version released.
      3. should the WARGAMING Committee, at its sole discretion, decide to use a newly-released Cheat Protection Program and/or other cheat protection functions
      4. should the WARGAMING Committee, at its sole discretion, decide to change game settings and/or operations guidelines due to differences between online and offline tournaments
    2. At the end of each match, the players must remain seated with the Victory/Defeat screen visible and await a referee to record the results and save the replay. Closing the Victory/Defeat screen without the replay being saved by a referee may result in a default loss.
    3. WARGAMING reserves the right to install additional software and/or join as an observer for tournament operations purposes such as gathering match data.
    4. The 'World of Tanks' tournament shall consist of these parts:
      1. Bronze Series: Single elimination, Best 3 out of 5 games (Best of 5)
      2. Silver/Gold Series/Semi-Finals: Single elimination, Best 3 out of 5 games (Best of 5)
      3. Grand Final: Single elimination, Best 5 out of 7 games (Best of 7)

Tournament Structure

The tournament will be divided into four different competitive tiers: Bronze Series, Silver Series, Gold Series and the Season Finals.

  1. Bronze Series
    1. The Bronze Series will be a weekly online preliminaries controlled by the online tournament system that will accommodate up to 128 teams.
    2. Open registrations for the Bronze Series will begin each week on Monday 12:00 PM UTC +8.
    3. Registrations for the Bronze Series will close every week on Friday 12:00 PM UTC +8.
    4. Round Schedules are as follows:
      1. Round 1 (Round of 128 teams), Random from Map Pool: Saturday 10:00 UTC +8 (02:00 UTC)
      2. Round 2 (Round of 64 teams), Random from Map Pool: Saturday 12:00 UTC +8 (04:00 UTC)
      3. Round 3 (Round of 32 teams), Random from Map Pool: Saturday 14:00 UTC +8 (06:00 UTC)
      4. Round 4 (Round of 16 teams), Random from Map Pool: Sunday 10:00 UTC +8 (02:00 UTC)
      5. Round 5 (Round of 8 teams), Random from Map Pool: Sunday 12:00 UTC +8 (04:00 UTC)
    5. The top 4 teams from the Bronze Series will advance to the Silver Series.
    6. Gold Rewards for the weekly Bronze Series are as follows:
      1. 1st - 4th Place: 2,000
      2. 5th - 8th Place: 1,500
      3. 9th - 16th Place: 1,000
    7. Infringement of any of the above rules will result in immediate disqualification.
  2. Silver Series
    1. The top 4 teams from the Bronze Series will advance to the Silver Series.
      1. Depending on their performance in the Silver Series, each team will be rewarded with Points. The Weekly Point System will only be awarded to teams within the Silver Series in any given week.
      2. There is also a mandatory point deduction system, whereby teams will be deducted 5 points every week regardless of which Series they may be. Teams that do not have any points will not receive any deduction.
    2. The amount of points given to the teams in the Silver Series per week are as follows:
      1. 1st Place: 250 Points
      2. 2nd Place: 150 Points
      3. 3rd Place: 100 Points
      4. 4th Place: 70 Points
    3. Round Schedule:
      1. Day 1 (Tuesday):
        - 1st Match: Team A vs Team B
        - 2nd Match: Team C vs Team D
      2. Day 2 (Thursday):
        - 3rd Placing: Day 1 loser bracket
        - Weekly Final: Day 1 winner bracket
    4. If a team is disqualified, they may forfeit their points.
  3. Gold Series
    1. The top 8 teams with the most points will advance from the Silver Series and battle amongst themselves for the chance to represent Asia in the Grand Finals.
      1. The top 8 teams in WGL Korea's Silver Series (a sister-tournament) will also battle amongst themselves to represent Korea in the Grand Finals.
    2. Asia's 1st and 2nd teams according to their performance will be seeded into the season finals.
    3. Korea's 1st team according to their performance in WGL Korea Silver Series will also be seeded into the season finals.
    4. If there are 2 teams with the same points in the Silver Series, their ranking will be decided by their total W/L numbers in matches.
  4. Season 1 Grand Finals
    1. The highest competition level of Season 1.