How to join a tournament match

Step 1: Log on into game client

If your team has been successfully registered and accepted into the tournament, you will be able to join tournament matches in the game.

To do so, log on to the World of Tanks game client before the scheduled match starts. Once inside, you will see a Special Battle pop-up signal.

Please click the tournament button to join your team in the pre-match lobby.


Step 2: Preparation in Pre-match lobby

Once you join your team in the lobby, you will be shown the details for the match, including the map name, start time, and match type (i.e. Best of 5, Best of 7 etc.)

Before the game starts, the team captain must move the names of the selected players from the Reserve area. You will also be allowed to select your vehicle.  Once you are ready, please click the 'Ready' button.

When the timer is up, you will enter the match automatically.


Step 3: Post-match results

The results of the battle will be shown once the match ends.


Attention! If all your team members fail to click the 'Ready' button before the timer runs out during the pre-match
                phase, your team will receive a Technical Defeat (lose one set automatically).