Industrial Resource

Industrial Resource () is a special in-game currency for the Stronghold mode.

You can spend Industrial Resource on:

To view your clan's history of using Reserves, click  LOG in your Stronghold and go to the Industrial Resource tab.  

Earning Industrial Resource

Players can earn Industrial Resource in the following ways:

If you are a clan member, you can view the statistics on how much Industrial Resource you or any of your fellow clan members have earned within a certain time period.

To view the statistics:

  1. Go to the CLAN tab. The Clan Dashboard appears.
  2. On the Clan Dashboard, click Military Personnel. The list of all clan members appears.
  3. In the upper left corner of the list, select the time period for the statistics displayed. You can view the statistics on the Industrial Resource earned for 1, 7, or 28 days.
  4. In the line with the required player, hover over the value in the Industrial Resource column. The tooltip showing the amount of Industrial Resource earned by the player within the selected time period and the entire clan membership period is displayed.

If a player left the clan and then rejoined it after a while, the Industrial Resource earned during the previous membership is also included in the statistics.

Earning Industrial Resource in Skirmishes and Advances

Industrial Resource can be earned in Skirmishes and Advances, and cannot be purchased for gold or credits.

The amount of Industrial Resource your clan earns in battles can be greater depending on the level of the Command Center and the Reserves you use. If you invite legionnaires to your detachment, they get some of the Industrial Resource earned (see Legionnaire Reward).

Stronghold Storage

Industrial Resource is accumulated in the Stronghold Storage.

You can see the amount of Industrial Resource in the upper right corner of the screen. This Industrial Resource is common for all structures and can be used for all actions within the Stronghold mode. The storage capacity is not limited.

The Commander and Executive Officers have permissions to spend the accumulated Industrial Resource.

Penalties for Missed Battles

Your clan can lose Industrial Resource if it receives penalties for missing battles in Advances.

A clan receives a warning for one missed battle in Advances. After several warnings a penalty is imposed on the clan and Industrial Resource is withdrawn. Only battles missed within a certain period of time, called the review period, are considered.

Review period: 7 days

Number of Missed Battles Within the Review Period Penalty
1 Warning
2 Warning
3 and each subsequent missed battle 100% of the Advance bonus

Withdrawals of Industrial Resource can lead to a negative balance in the Stronghold Storage.
In this case your clan cannot perform the following actions:

  • Activate Continuous-Effect Reserves
  • Participate in Advances

To get these Stronghold advantages back, your clan must resupply the storage until it contains at least  0. To earn Industrial Resource, your clan members can participate in Skirmishes, as well as become legionnaires and join other clan detachments for battles in Skirmishes and Advances.