Compensation Policy

Compensation rules for technical issues affecting battles in Skirmishes and Advances in the Stronghold mode.

  1. These rules have been developed to ensure that a consistent and quality service is provided for players who participate in battles in the Stronghold mode.
  2. Individual compensation is provided upon a request sent to Player Support.

    The following rules apply to the players’ requests:

    • Requests must be sent no later than 24 hours after an incident.
    • Requests must be sent by the Commander or Executive Officers.
    • Clans must provide as much information as possible about the issues they have faced.
    • Clans must provide screenshots proving that the technical issue took place.
    • If possible, requests should include battle replays showing the alleged problem.
  3. Compensation is not provided in the following cases:
    • Limited number of players were unable to participate in the battle.
    • Issues occurred in data-centers where the servers are located.
    • Issues occurred on the side of Internet providers.
    • Power shutdowns took place.
    • Any other issues occurred outside the control of Wargaming and not caused by Wargaming.
  4. Compensation is not provided if it is impossible to ascertain or prove that a problem occurred.