An Advance is a series of battles for Industrial Resource between two clan detachments on bridgeheads. The ultimate aim of an Advance is to capture all enemy Lines and the Citadel.

To fight in an Advance, clans create detachments and choose bridgeheads. Opponents are matched by player skill. If there are no clans of equal skill in the queue, your enemy is selected at random and may be stronger or weaker than you.

Advances follow the rules below:

  • Vehicle tier: X
  • Players in a detachment: 13–15
  • Maximum number of legionnaires: 7
  • Battle type: Standard battle
  • Single battle duration: up to 10 minutes
  • Advance duration: 56 minutes

Advances follow a schedule. To view the schedule of upcoming battles, click  (Battle schedule) to the right of the Clan Battles button in your Stronghold, or in the Stronghold: Battles window.

To engage in an Advance:

  1. Click Clan Battles in your Stronghold. The Stronghold: Battles window appears.
  2. In the Stronghold: Battles window, click Create Detachment to form a detachment and become its commander. To join an existing detachment, click Join Detachment.

You can also open the detachment list right from your Garage. Select Stronghold: Battles in the menu to the right of the Battle! button.

Selecting a Bridgehead

Before you form a detachment, choose a bridgehead for your Advance. Four bridgeheads are available: North, South, East, and West. Each of them consists of three strategic points:

  • Front Line (farthest from the Citadel)
  • Reserve Line
  • Citadel

The list of bridgeheads is displayed in the right part of the Mode Selection window.

  1. Information tooltip. Description of the mode and its schedule.
  2. Time until the next Advance starts.
  3. Battle format. Vehicle tier, number of players in a detachment, duration of the battle, and maximum number of legionnaires.
  4. List of bridgeheads. Available bridgeheads, maps for Lines and Citadels, and the top reward.
Clans can engage in four Advances at a time, one from each bridgehead.

Preparing for the Advance

After you choose a bridgehead, the Advance window is displayed. Here you can form a detachment, enable Reserves, confirm that you’re ready for battle, and follow the course of the Advance.

You can either create your own detachment or join an existing one. For more information, see Creating Your Own Detachment and Joining a Detachment.

  1. Information panel. Selected bridgehead and the Advance plan:
    / Lines, / Citadel,  next battlefront.
  2. Timer. Time left till the next battle.
  3. Settings. Change the bridgehead and battle mode. If you change settings, your detachment is not affected.
  4. Detachment members, their status, rating, and current vehicle.
     Detachment Commander
    Click Select Vehicle to choose the best vehicle for the Advance.
  5. Reserve slots (see Selecting Reserves).
  6. Map where the next battle takes place. While waiting for the battle start, the Detachment Commander can place tactical markers on the map, which will be visible to all players in the detachment. Tactical markers can’t be used if the Commander is banned from the game chat. 
  7. Chat Channel. Notifications and detachment chat.
  8. Ready! button. Click to confirm that you’re ready for the Advance and send your detachment into battle.

Selecting Reserves

To gain an additional advantage in an Advance, enable the One-Time-Effect Reserves.

You can enable the following Reserves:

  • Inspire or Artillery Strike
  • Requisition
  • High-Capacity Transport

For more information, check out these articles: Using Reserves and Combat Reserves.

Course of the Advance

When the detachment is formed, its Commander confirms that everyone is ready for the Advance. Opponents are matched by player skill among those who are ready to fight. If there are no clans of equal skill in the queue, your enemy is selected at random and may be stronger or weaker than you.

The Advance develops in the following way:

  • The first battle is fought on the border between the bridgeheads on a random map. The winner becomes the attacking side and continues the Advance.
If the battle ends in a draw, the attacking detachment is chosen at random.
  • The next battles are fought on the Lines. If the attacking detachment captures the enemy’s Front Line, the attack moves on to the enemy’s Reserve Line and then up to the Citadel.
  • If the attacking detachment fails to capture the Line, the defending detachment launches a counter-attack. If this detachment fights well, it can even capture the opponent’s Citadel and become the ultimate winner.
  • Battles are fought until one of the detachments captures the enemy’s Citadel or until the time for the Advance ends.

In the break between battles, the detachments have 3 minutes, during which they must confirm they’re ready for battle and can change their vehicles, rearrange the detachment, and select Reserves.

When both detachments confirm they are ready, the battle begins.

If one of the detachments does not confirm that it is ready to fight before the start of a battle, that detachment suffers a technical defeat in the battle. The Advance doesn’t end though: the next battle starts after the normal three-minute break.

Clans receive warnings for missed battles. Numerous warnings are followed by a penalty (see Penalties for Missed Battles).

If both detachments do not confirm they are ready for battle:

  • Both detachments suffer a technical defeat.
  • Industrial Resource is credited only for battles fought.
  • The Advance ends.

End of the Advance

The Advance ends in one of two ways:

  • One of the detachments captures the opponent’s Citadel
  • The time for the Advance ends
If the Advance ends in less than 17 minutes and the opponent’s Citadel is not captured, the current battle is fought till its end, but a new battle is not started.

When the Advance ends, its results are calculated. There are three possible outcomes in an Advance:

  • Partial victory. The winner is the detachment that has more Lines under their control.
  • Complete victory. The winner is the detachment that has captured the opponent’s Citadel.
  • Draw. A draw is declared if both detachments control an equal number of Lines by the end of the Advance.


Detachments get their reward according to the number of Lines under their control. The more Lines captured, the greater the reward is. Moreover, detachments get Industrial Resource for every battle fought during the Advance.

The amount of Industrial Resource also depends on the Command Center level and Reserves used in battles. Remember that legionnaires get some of the earned Industrial Resource (see Legionnaire Reward).

Once a day, a clan can get double the amount of Industrial Resource as a reward on each of the bridgeheads. To obtain this reward, the clan must gain a complete or partial victory in the Advance from the selected bridgehead. Note that the reward can only be obtained as a result of the entire Advance, not each battle fought within the Advance.