Leaving the Global Map



A combat unit used by a clan to attack an enemy’s provinces and defend its own territories. A Division can be reinforced with modules. Influence is required for Division organization.


The mobile command center of a clan. Only the provinces connected to the Headquarters bring income in gold. A clan may have only one Headquarters.

Prime Time

The time when battles for a province start. Each Front has several groups of provinces united by the same Prime Time. All actions in the province are suspended one hour before the Prime Time. Actions are available again after the battles end. A clan can only decrease the unrest level of its provinces and establish or relocate its Headquarters during this period.

Province income

The amount of gold that a province provides to the owning clan for 24 turns. Gold is added to the clan’s Treasury in the amount of 1/24 of the province income for each turn. Some provinces can get a temporary income boost. Also, depending on Front configuration, a clan can increase province income using Influence.

Key Rules

A clan can leave the Global Map at any time. In this case, the following rules are applied:

  • A clan can leave the Global Map free of charge; no influence or gold is withdrawn.
  • A clan can leave the “frozen” Global Map.
  • The leaving application is processed at least one hour before the clan battles start or after the scheduled battles end.
  • When submitting a leaving application, a player needs to confirm their password if the password was entered more than 10 minutes ago.
  • Once a leaving application is submitted, all clan actions on the Global Map become unavailable. The clan can only cancel the leaving application.
  • The clan log displays information about the leaving time.

Conditions of Leaving the Global Map

The following conditions are applied, when a clan decides to leave the Global Map:

  • The leaving application can be submitted even if a clan owns no provinces, but has already applied for landing in a province or takes part in an auction.
  • The leaving application can be submitted by players with the following positions:
    • Commander
    • Executive Officer

Application for Leaving the Global Map

To submit a leaving application:

  1. On the Clan panel, click (Leave Global Map).
  2. In the open window, click Leave Global Map. The leaving application is submitted. 

If the leaving application has not been processed yet, it can be canceled.

Results of Leaving the Global Map

When a clan leaves the Global Map, the following rules are applied:

  • The Divisions of the clan get disbanded; the cost of the Divisions is not reimbursed.
  • The Headquarters is removed from the Global Map with a 24-turn cooldown before any actions.
  • All provinces of the clan become unoccupied (with no owner).
  • Province income remains unchanged.
  • All applications and bids of the clan are canceled. All investments are fully reimbursed and returned to the clan’s Treasury.
  • All provinces of the clan become unoccupied (with no owner), and the Administration Points invested in these provinces are returned to the clan.
  • Administration Points are reimbursed to the clan for all canceled battle transfer applications.