Clan Tasks



A series of military actions on the Global Map. During an operation, clans receive a number of tasks.


A special mission assigned to a clan. Clans receive various awards for completing tasks.


A specific target for a task. To accomplish a task, a clan must complete all its checkpoints.

Elo rating

A clan’s rating on the Global Map that reflects the clan’s combat performance. Elo rating is calculated for the VI, VIII, and X Fronts separately. A clan’s Elo rating changes after each battle: a victory increases the Elo rating, while a defeat decreases it.

Key Rules


Various clan operations can take place during a Season on the Global Map. Operations are held in Fronts that meet the requirements of maximum vehicle tier and number of players per team. Operations have time limits.

To view a list of all current operations on the Global Map, click  (Clan Tasks).


Each operation includes a number of tasks that clans should complete within a certain period of time. If an operation is ended, all uncompleted tasks are canceled and the clan does not receive awards for them.

Rules for receiving tasks:

  • Immediately after an operation starts in the Front, clans receive all the operation tasks that meet their Elo rating.
  • A clan can submit a landing application or make a bid in a landing auction during an operation in the Front. In this case, the clan receives all the tasks that meet its Elo rating. Battles of the landing tournament are counted when the task progress is calculated.

Some tasks are only issued when the current ones are completed.

A clan can receive the same task more than once. If while performing the task, the clan ceases to meet the participation requirements, the current task is not canceled, but the clan cannot receive the same task in future.

Clans receive the following awards for completing tasks:

  • Gold
  • Influence
  • Victory Points

To see all tasks of an operation, click its name in the list of operations.


The task is accomplished if all its checkpoints are completed. The task progress is updated after each battle.

Technical victories do not count and do not affect the task progress. Conversely, technical defeats interrupt a series of victories.

To see all checkpoints of a task, click the arrows  next to its name in the list of tasks. If the task is unavailable for your clan, the requirements that your clan should meet to receive the task are displayed instead of the checkpoints.

Checkpoints can only be completed in certain provinces. To see all the provinces for the selected checkpoint, click  (Target provinces) near the checkpoint description.

Checkpoint types:

  • Capture the target province or remain its owner after the battles end.
  • Ransack the target province.
  • Take part in n tournament battles in target provinces.
  • Win n battles in target provinces.
  • Win n consecutive battles in target provinces. Defeats in non-target provinces do not end a series of victories.
  • Win n battles for target provinces.
  • Deal a total of n clan damage in battles in target provinces.
  • Win n consecutive tournament battles in target provinces. Defeats in non-target provinces do not end a series of victories.
  • Earn a total of n clan base experience in battles in target provinces.
  • Destroy a total of n clan enemy tanks in battles in target provinces.