Clan Alliances



A union of clans that allows them to transfer provinces and battles to each other. One of the clans becomes the leading clan (Major Power), while the other one becomes a subordinate clan (Minor Power). All clans that belong to a single Alliance and are hierarchically bound to one leading clan are allies to each other. Part of a Minor Power’s income is withheld as tax for their Major Power.

Battle transfer

The transfer of battles for provinces available between Major and Minor Powers in the Alliance. The allied clan fights all battles in the province, and if it is captured, the clan who transferred the battle becomes its owner.

Province transfer

Transfer of provinces between Major and Minor Powers in the Alliance.


A share of a Minor Power’s income that is withheld to be paid to the Major Power of the Alliance. The amount of tax is agreed when the Alliance is formed.

Key Rules

To manage your clan’s Alliances, click  (Diplomacy) at the top of the Global Map main screen. 

Creating an Alliance

To create an Alliance, the Commander or the Executive officer of the clan must send an invitation to the potential ally.

To offer an Alliance with a clan:

  1. Click  (Diplomacy) at the top of the Global Map main screen.
  2. Go to the CLAN SEARCH tab and find a clan by its name or clan tag via the search panel.
  3. Click  (Invite as Major Power of your clan) or  (Invite as Minor Power of your clan) in the slot with the potential ally.
    To learn more about the clan, click its name; the Clan’s statistics on the Global Map are displayed in a pop-up window. Here you can also offer an Alliance, using the corresponding invitation buttons below the statistics.
  4. Set the proposed amount of tax in the window displayed.
  5. Click SEND.

Wait till the potential ally accepts or declines your invitation. Note: to create an Alliance with a Minor Power, your clan invests Administration Points.

You can send invitations right from the Global Map screen: click the name, tag, or emblem of the potential ally and use the corresponding invitation buttons in the Clan’s statistics on the Global Map window.

To manage the incoming applications and your own clan’s offers, go to the APPLICATIONS AND INVITATIONS tab in the Diplomacy section. If your clan receives an invitation, a notification icon is displayed over the Diplomacy button .

Allies can start transferring provinces and battles on the day after the Alliance is formed.

Alliance Dissolution

Any party can dissolve the Alliance at their discretion, with no confirmation needed from the other ally. Go to the ALLIES tab in the Diplomacy section and click  (Dissolve Alliance with clan) in the slot with the clan’s name.

The Alliance can be dissolved automatically in the following cases:

  • The clan has created an Alliance with a new Major Power — in this case the Alliance with the previous Major Power is dissolved.
  • One of the allied clans was disbanded.

When dissolving an Alliance with a Minor Power, Administration Points are reimbursed to your clan.

After Alliance dissolution, the maximum number of direct subordinates for the Major Power is reduced by the number of dissolved Alliances until the next day on the Global Map.

Example. Clan A as Major Power had a maximum of three Minor Powers and dissolved an Alliance with one of them. The maximum number of Minor Powers for clan A is reduced to two. The clan will be able to take the third Minor Power only on the next day on the Global Map.

To view your clan's history of participation in Alliances, click the  (Diplomacy) button at the top of the Global Map main screen and go to the HISTORY OF ALLIANCES tab.

To view any clan's Alliance history, even that of the opposing one, click its name or emblem on the map and, in the profile tooltip displayed, click Clan's Alliance.

Alliance Structure

The Alliance always has one Major Power in the leading position, while the Minor Powers can also have subordinate clans. This forms a hierarchical structure, in which all members are Allies to each other.

A clan can have only one Major Power, while the maximum number of Minor Powers is determined by the Global Map season rules.

Allied clans on any level of the structure cannot attack each other’s provinces. Province and battle transfer are available only between the Major Power and their direct subordinate Minor Powers.

To view the closest allies of the clan, click   (View the clan's allies) in any part of the Diplomacy section.

To observe Alliances on the map, in the detailed map view mode click  (Alliance leader's colors) at the bottom of the Global Map screen. Provinces of allied clans will be marked with their leader clan’s color, tag, and emblem.

Transferring Battles

Major and Minor Powers can delegate attacks on provinces, including landing and landing auctions, to each other. To transfer battles, clans invest Administration Points.

Note: clans cannot transfer province defense.

To transfer an attack on a province:

  1. Click   (Battles scheduled and planned for your clan) at the top of the Global Map main screen.
  2. Click  (Transfer battles in the province to your allies) in the list to the right of the attack you want to delegate.
  3. In the Battle transfer to ally window, select an ally to transfer the battle to, and click APPLY.

If the clan accepts the application, it will fight on the province throughout the upcoming Prime Time until the province is captured, or until defeat.

Only the clan that fought the transferred battles receives influence points, clan task progress, and Elo rating points for the attack. If the province is captured, the clan that has transferred the attack, receives clan task points only for capturing, holding, and ransacking the province.

An attack on the province cannot be transferred in the following cases:

  • The day when the Alliance was formed is not over yet.
  • The ally is the owner of the attacked province.
  • The ally has already accepted another clan’s battle transfer.
  • The ally is attacking the same province.

If the ally does not enter the transferred battle, it receives a no-show penalty alongside the clan that transferred the attack (see Penalties for Missing Battles).

Battle transfer is cancelled automatically in the following cases:

  • The auction bid was cancelled manually or automatically.
  • The landing tournament application was cancelled manually or automatically.
  • The attacking Division was disbanded due to the clan leaving the Global Map.
  • The Alliance was dissolved—in this case only the unaccepted transfer applications are cancelled.

Transferring Provinces

Transferring provinces is available only between direct allies. The clan that receives a province becomes its owner and receives income from it.

Provinces are transferred under the following conditions:

  • A province can be transferred only when the Prime Time on it is over and only if the province owner has not changed.
  • The transferred province must not have Headquarters on it.
  • If the owner's Division is located on the province, it is transferred to the new owner together with the province.
  • The clan that receives a province invests Administration Points, while the clan that transfers the province gains them (see Administration Points).

Note: if a clan receives a Division with a province, the purchase cost of its further Divisions may increase (see Headquarters, Divisions and Modules).

To transfer a province:

  1. Click the province on the Global Map, then click  (Transfer province to ally) at the bottom of the screen.
  2. In the PROVINCE TRANSFER window, select an ally and click TRANSFER PROVINCE.

The transfer must not be confirmed and cannot be rejected by the ally.

The province cannot be transferred in the following cases:

  • The day when the Alliance was formed is not over yet.
  • The clan has relocated or landed its Headquarters on the province after the transfer application.
  • The province has changed its owner after the Prime Time.
  • Clans have dissolved their Alliance before the Prime Time ended.
  • The province owner has left the Global Map.


From the moment when an Alliance is formed, the Major Power can see all the income of the subordinate clans. A share of a Minor Power's income on the Global Map will be withheld as taxes for its Major Power.

The following clan income is taxed:

  • Gold and Influence received for completing clan tasks
  • Gold received for owning a province
  • Gold received for ransacking a province
  • Gold and Influence received as tax from a Minor Power
  • Gold and Influence received for ransacking a convoy
  • Influence received for destroying an enemy Division

Withholdings are made every time an income is received. When a minimum sum for paying a tax is accumulated, the clan can dispatch the tax to the Major Power via a convoy. The tax is considered paid only after the convoy is dispatched.

Note: the amount of taxes to accumulate is limited. If a clan accumulates the maximum possible tax sum and does not dispatch a convoy to the Major Power, there will still be withholdings from the clan's income, but they will not accumulate. The maximum tax accumulation is limited for all clans and does not depend on the amount of tax agreed in the Alliances.

The amount of withholdings cannot be a fraction value and is always rounded down to the closest integer. Therefore, the sum of the factual accumulated tax may be less than its calculated value.

If the Alliance is dissolved, the accumulated tax stays on the Minor Power’s side and is not transferred to the clan’s Treasury as real income. If the former allies restore the Alliance and stay in their previous roles, the tax accumulation is resumed.

The accumulated tax is reset at the end of the season, regardless of the sum and the relationship between the clans.

All of your clan’s Alliance management history is available in the DIPLOMACY tab of the Clan Log.

Political Leaderboard

If a clan owns provinces that are connected to the Headquarters, belongs to an Alliance, and fights at least one battle on the Global Map during the season, it is automatically placed on the Political leaderboard. The clan's position on the leaderboard depends on the number of points earned in three categories:

Points for Owning Provinces. The clan gets points for owning provinces that are connected to the Headquarters with the following conditions met:

  • The province is located in the Level X Front
  • The province income level is > 0
  • The clan owner receives income from this province

These points are not cumulative and depend on the current state of the clan: if it has no provinces connected to the Headquarters or loses them all, its points for owning provinces are equal to zero. If there is a limit on the number of income-providing provinces on the Front, this also influences the political points for provinces.

Example. Clan A owns twenty provinces connected to the Headquarters. The number of income-providing provinces on the Front is limited to ten. Therefore, clan A will receive income only from its ten most profitable provinces. Also, the clan will earn political points only for ten provinces.

Points for Minor Powers. Minor Powers contribute half of their points for owning provinces, as well as half of their subordinate clans’ points for owning provinces, to their Major Power as political points. Therefore, the leading Major Power earns points for all Minor Powers in the hierarchy. Points for Minor Powers are not cumulative and depend on the current state of the clan: if the clan does not have subordinates or dissolves all of its Alliances, the points for Minor Powers are equal to zero.

Points for Convoys. Both Major and Minor Powers earn political points for sending a convoy. The more resources dispatched, the more points the clans earn, regardless of whether the resources have been delivered. Points for convoys are cumulative and cannot be lost until the end of the season.

The clans’ Political ratings are processed once per turn.

To view the clans’ Political ratings, click   (Seasonal Leaderboards) on the Global Map main screen.