Prime Time

The time when battles for a province start. Each Front has several groups of provinces united by the same Prime Time. All actions in the province are suspended one hour before the Prime Time. Actions are available again after the battles end. A clan can only decrease the unrest level of its provinces and establish or relocate its Headquarters during this period.

Province owner

A clan that owns a province. Owners get income in gold from their provinces and protect them from the attacks of other clans.


Clans involved in a tournament for a province. Challengers for a province comprise auction winners, clans that applied for landing, and clans attacking from adjacent territories.


A series of battles for the province. 

Elo rating

A clan’s rating on the Global Map that reflects the clan’s combat performance. Elo rating is calculated for the VI, VIII, X Fronts separately. A clan’s Elo rating changes after each battle: a victory increases the Elo rating, while a defeat decreases it.

Key Rules

All battles among clans are conducted in World of Tanks.

Fog of War is a peculiar feature of battles on the Global Map. At the beginning of a battle, teams do not know the strength and location of the enemy forces until the enemy vehicles are detected.

Planned and Scheduled Battles

All clan battles fall into two groups:

  • Planned battles. Battles that are scheduled as tentative and may not take place.
  • Scheduled battles. Battles for which opponents are already matched and the time is set.

Planned Battles

Battles are planned for a clan in the following cases:

  • A clan applied for landing.
  • A clan made a landing bid in an auction.
  • A clan attacked an adjacent province.
  • A clan's province is attacked by an enemy clan.

Available details on planned battles:

  • The time battles for the province start
  • The name of the province for which battles will be conducted
  • Province income

Details on battles of an enemy clan may be partly unavailable.

Clans can transfer the planned battles to their direct Major or Minor Powers in the Alliance (see Transferring Battles).

Scheduled Battles

An hour before the Prime Time, opponents and time of battles are finally determined, and battles get scheduled for a clan.

Available details on scheduled battles:

  • The round in a tournament
  • Battle start time
  • Name of the province for which battles will be conducted
  • Province income
  • Name of the opposing clan
  • Opponent's Division and modules, if any
  • Award for winning the battle
  • Change of the Elo rating for each opponent in case of victory or defeat
  • The map and the bases the opponents will get
  • The number of battles each opponent has played on the specified map
  • The rate of victories of each opponent on the specified map

Details on battles of an enemy clan may be partly unavailable.

Vehicle Lock

Vehicles destroyed in a battle cannot participate in battles on the Global Map during a particular period of time. The period of vehicle lock depends on the vehicle tier and the result of the battle.

Vehicle lock is not used in tournament battles for a landing province.

Vehicle Lock Period

The province owner participates in a tournament:

II   8
III   16
IV   24
VI   36
VII   48
VIII   48
IX  72
X  72

 Balance Values

Battle duration 15 minutes
Victory award: a percentage of the cost of a defeated Division 50%