ANZPL Season 4 Starts Tomorrow!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ll know that the next Season of ANZPL kicks off tomorrow at 7:00 PM AEDT (UTC+11). With that in mind, let’s recap everything you need to know before going into Season 4.


This season we shifted to a double round-robin format with six teams going head to head for a stake in the $25,000 prize pool. This change, in addition to various player movements during the ANZPL offseason, means we bid farewell to the Auckland Archers and Season 3 champions the Melbourne Matildas. 

We hope this will inspire more intense competition between our Premier League teams, as they will now each have two matchups with all competitors in the regular season, giving us a clearer picture about who deserves to be in the playoffs and why come finals time.


These changes to the ANZPL format allows us to further expand our support of ANZBL. We are aiming at a minimum of six teams from this season onwards, with a guarantee of an NZ team. Other team slots will be allocated to the highest performing state cores during the qualification stage, which ends on the 21st of March with the Draft set for the 31st March

If the six-team threshold is met, we will introduce the promised promotion/relegation feature, where the top placed ANZBL teams face off against the lowest placed ANZPL team to fight for the right to compete in the prestigious ANZPL in the next season.

Additionally, the prize pool will be reworked accordingly, with a $1000 cash prize being offered for the first-placed team, alongside the usual gold prizing for the rest of the players in the other teams.


What better way to flex on your frenemies by showing that you're the best big brain ANZPL manager in our one and only Fantasy League? 

Just like in previous seasons, participation is every week, with the league being split into the Regular Season and Play-offs. Those who are able to select the best team consistently throughout each respective split will be rewarded with some solid loot. And it's free to play - what are you waiting for? For more information and to get started creating your team, log in with your Wargaming account and follow the link below!

Fantasy League  


If you're looking to refresh your memory on what when down last season and a preview of what to expect in Season 4, ANZ CC and player for the South Sydney Skorpions, Napalmer, put together a fantastic article detailing some of the defining moments of Season 3, and how changes to team rosters could impact this season's action. 

Season 4 preview  


Once again, we've prepared amazing Twitch Drops throughout the whole Season, available to viewers across APAC, EU, and NA. Below is a full list of Drops on offer, and what you have a chance of earning:

  • A mission for one day World of Tanks Premium Account Time
  • A mission for three days World of Tanks Premium Account Time
  • A mission for 25,000 
  • A mission for the  IITetrarch  
  • A mission for the  IIIM3 Light  
  • A mission for the  IIT7 Combat Car  
  • A mission for the  IIIM22 Locust  
  • A mission for the  IIIPz.Kpfw. T 15  
  • A mission for differing amounts of x5 XP
  • The “V for Victory” Style
  • The “Touchdown” Style
  • The “Maslenitsa” Style
  • VISherman VC Firefly  *
  • VIIType 62  *

* All vehicles will come with a 100% crew and garage slot, if you already have the vehicle, you will be given compensation in the form of credits.

Important: Your World of Tanks account and your Twitch account have to be linked for a chance to receive Twitch Drops. Click here to find out how this works!


Finally, here are tomorrow's upcoming matches! Here's to another exciting season of #ANZPL and the best of luck to all our teams entering the fray! Remember to catch the clash live this Friday, 7:00 PM AEDT (UTC+11) at the usual home of the ANZPL, the World of Tanks ANZ Twitch Channel.

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