ANZPL Season 4 Twitch Drops!



Watch your favorite ANZPL teams go head-to-head as Season 4 kicks off this Friday, March 18, from 7:00PM AEDT (UTC+11). And if you watch on Twitch, you're going to win no matter which team comes out ahead!


The Australia/New Zealand Premier League (ANZPL) pits 6 teams of passionate Tank Commanders against each other in 5v5 Attack/Defense matches for a grand prize of AUD$25,000.

Each team consists of 7 members (5 main + 2 reserves) and players are limited to Tech-Tree and Collector Vehicles. Teams are also barred from fielding wheeled vehicles, or more than two vehicles of the same name.

Join us this season with weekly matches every Friday, from 7:00PM AEDT (UTC+11) streaming on Twitch, with Sandman and Elfishguy breaking down the action for you live! This season, we welcome newcomer Cthulhu to lend his voice to the fray!


Twitch Drops

Once again, we've prepared amazing Twitch Drops throughout the whole Season, available to viewers across APAC, EU, and NA. Below is a full list of Drops on offer, and what you have a chance of earning:

* All vehicles will come with a 100% crew and garage slot, if you already have the vehicle, you will be given compensation in the form of credits.

Important: Your World of Tanks account and your Twitch account have to be linked for a chance to receive Twitch Drops. Click here to find out how this works!

Here's to another exciting season of #ANZPL and the best of luck to all our teams entering the fray! Remember to catch the clash live this Friday, 7:00PM AEDT (UTC+11) at the usual home of the ANZPL, the World of Tanks ANZ Twitch Channel.