ANZPL Season 4 Team Announcement

How time flies when you're having fun! The fourth official Draft has finished, and we'd like to proudly reveal the competitors that will be fighting it out to see who will be the reigning champion at the end of ANZPL Season 4! 

Your Australian Teams

Adelaide Action X

  • CJ <SA>
  • Eugene <SA>
  • Val <NT>
  • Shankypants <WA>
  • Zanin <NSW>
  • *Ironguard <QLD>
  • *Saxon <VIC>

Brisbane Bulldogs

  • Ravvi <QLD>
  • MadHouse <QLD>
  • Dark <QLD> 
  • Soldat_Udachi <NZ>
  • AVP <VIC>
  • *Buck3t <QLD>
  • *Captain Cows <WA>

Perth Panthers

  • JS <WA>
  • Twit <WA> 
  • Goober <VIC>
  • Dastardly <VIC>
  • LightningMan <QLD>
  • *CallumAU <WA>
  • *Godmode_Dead <NSW>

North Sydney Sentinels

  • Rainbow <NSW>
  • Syndy <NSW>
  • Wym0 <VIC>
  • *DeL <WA>
  • *Rowendy <NSW>
  • *TheReturned <NZ>
  • *Doodletank2 <VIC>

South Sydney Skorpions

  • JT <NSW>
  • Night <NSW>
  • Napalmer <NSW>
  • Auzzi <NSW>
  • Russian <QLD>
  • Raspberry <VIC>
  • Benny <VIC>

Your New Zealand Teams

Christchurch Conquerors

  • Bluey <TAS>
  • *Joeattora <NZ>
  • KritaKil <WA>
  • *Merry<VIC>
  • *Trax <NZ>
  • *Whippet <VIC>
  • *twoplustwo <NZ>

*Drafted this Season

Now you know the teams - it's time for the action to begin!

Now that you know the teams, and you know what they're fighting for - mark Friday the 18th of March, 2022 at the night to set aside, as Week 1 action will be starting at 7PM AEDT. Get your snacks ready and drinks at hand, for it's sure to be a blockbuster once again!