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What are the benefits of in-game gold within World of Tanks?

Tenacity and good combat skills will allow you to upgrade vehicles of any type and level, without spending a dime. However, small financial investment - microtransactions - can give you an excellent opportunity to make your gaming experience not only fun but also more comfortable. When you pay real money you get special in-game currency - Gold, which simplifies leveling up your vehicles. You can read more about the benefits of Gold here.

Pay via PlaySpan

Playspan offers a wide range of payment options such as credit cards, Paypal and Western Union Quickpay to name a few. Read more about the PlaySpan payment options here.

Pay via MOL

Currently MOL is one of the most convenient and reliable payment systems among gamers in South East Asia. For more details on how to use this payment method, please refer to the Guide for Payment with MOL.