*WINNER ANNOUNCED* AusArmourFest 2021 StuG III Raffle and Details

A big congratulations to "CaptMacca" on winning the StuG III PC! We raised over $14,000 AUD for the StuG Restoration at the museum and sold just over 16,000 raffle tickets!

We'll be reaching out to "CaptMacca" via e-mail. If they do not respond within 7 days we'll draw the raffle again.

Thanks for your contribution to bringing a completely restored StuG III G back to life at the Cairns Armour and Artillery Museum.


AusArmourfest 2021 is upon us, and our friends at the Australian Armour & Artillery Museum need some help restoring a fallen warrior! Purchase any "AusArmourfest 2021 Special" package for discounted Personal Reserves, and FREE raffle tickets!

Each ticket increases your chance of winning a custom-built replica Stug III G Gaming PC built by our friends at ASUS and TAGMods. Imagine playing World of Tanks... on a tank! Now that's tank-ception.

We're also rolling out bonus XP missions, streams, Twitch Drops, and a contest! More details below.

StuG III G Restoration and Raffle

The museum’s next major project is the complete restoration of a StuG III G. In order to help fund this incredible effort, we’ll be holding a raffle for a Custom StuG III Gaming PC in partnership with Republic of Gamers and TAG Mods. This will be a one of one PC built and modeled to look like the specific StuG III G AusArmour are restoring, and contain the latest parts to make it a truly incredible build.

Here's the spec list!

Intel 11700
Hyper X 32GB
Kingston 1TB M.2
CoolerMaster Ml120R
CoolerMaster V850 SFX
3 x CoolerMaster MF120 Halo
GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti


Raffle tickets are available for purchase in the Premium Shop in bundles of 5, 10 and 25, with +50% Credit Boosters for 2 Hours at AUD5.00, AUD10.00 and AUD25.00 respectively, and all profits will go to the museum to aid with the restoration of the StuG III. Click the button below to head to the Premium Shop and grab a ticket! The tickets will be drawn and announced on September 3.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, due to local regulations, players from Japan and Vietnam are ineligible for the Raffle component. 

To the Premium Shop  

Stream Schedule (Available in English Only)

In addition to the daily stream from AusArmourFest which you can catch on the ANZ Facebook page from 12-1pm UTC+10, the following ANZ Community Contributors will be streaming straight after that, from 1PM-5PM UTC+10 Friday through Sunday! Make sure you’re tuning in to catch them playing the tanks available to see at AAF in addition to everything else on offer. 

You’ll also be able to earn yourself one of the following Twitch Drops over the weekend:

Note: Players who have already received the 5th Twitch Drop from the CC Summer Race will not receive drops from AusArmourFest.

  • 3D Styles:
    • Tramontana (Only for EBR 105)
    • Kantemirovets (Only for T-34-85)
    • Pike (Only for IS-3)
  • 2D Styles (applicable to vehicles of all nations):
    • General Frost
    • such camo, much wow
    • V for Victory!
  • 1x Mission: Win 10 battles while being top 5 by XP to receive 3 days of WoT Premium Account
  • 1x Mission: Win 1 battle while being top 3 by XP to receive 25,000 

How to Get Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops are in-game rewards credited to those who tune in to special Twitch streams; you can find out more about how to earn them here. To be eligible, you need to link your Wargaming.net and Twitch accounts.

  1. Go to your Wargaming Account management page
  2. Click the Twitch Button on the right
  3. Authorize the connection on the next page
  4. After successfully connecting the accounts, you will see Twitch as a linked platform in your Wargaming account settings. You'll also see Wargaming.net in your Twitch account settings.

If you don't have a Twitch account yet, you can create one here.

Once you have linked your accounts, all you need to do for a chance to get these rewards is watch designated World of Tanks Twitch streams with "Drops enabled". You can check your personal Twitch inventory to find out which Drops you've unlocked, or to claim your Drop rewards.

StuG III G Tournament (For ANZ Players Only)

There’s still time to enter the special 5v5 Tier V StuG III G Tournament on Saturday, August 28th at 7:00PM. Get your mates together, and jump in for a laugh and some great prizes:

First Place

VII E 25   per player

Second Place

2,500 per player

Third Place

2,000 per player

Fourth Place

1,500 per player


Depending on the number of sign ups, we’ll also extend the rewards from Fourth Place down - so get your clan mates, friends and anyone else you know involved for a great night! For more details, and to sign up, click the button below.


Last but certainly not least, don’t forget that you can earn bonus XP on all AusArmour vehicles all weekend! More details about which tanks are involved here.


[Special] AusArmourfest Missions

Event Start: 27 August, 2021 (Friday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 31 August, 2021 (Tuesday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

  • Mission: Meet AusArmourfest Tanks Wave #1
  • Mission: Meet AusArmourfest Tanks Wave #2
  • Personal Mission: Welcome, StuG III!
Mission: Meet AusArmourfest Tanks Wave #1


  • Win a battle
  • Only counts battles you rank Top 10 by XP



  • x3 XP
Mission: Meet AusArmourfest Tanks Wave #2


  • Win a battle
  • Only counts battles you rank Top 10 by XP



  • x2 XP
Personal Mission: Welcome, StuG III!


  • Win a battle
  • Only counts battles you rank Top 10 by XP



  • x2 XP