GameOnCancer June Fundraiser


Wargaming Sydney and World of Tanks are proud to announce that we will be collaborating with Game On Cancer this June - bringing a charity fundraiser to help the Cure Cancer Initiative. Read on below to find out how you can participate, grab some goodies, and have an absolute blast - all for the sake of charity!

Game On Cancer

Cure Cancer is on a mission to make this the last generation to die from cancer, funding the next generation of cancer researchers from all over the world who are working across ALL cancer types and ALL areas of cancer research.

Over the past 55 years, Cure Cancer has raised over $83.1M to support 540 lifesaving research grants across all cancer types.

Cure Cancer's Game On Cancer® initiative aims to unite the gaming community to work together to support the these incredible young scientists conducting lifesaving research.

Wargaming Sydney X Game On Cancer

Next Thursday, on the 9th of June, you'll be seeing the regular World of Tanks ANZ stream - but with a slight twist.

We'll be streaming over eight hours, which will be full of World of Tanks action from 12PM to 8PM AEST! During this stream, we'll be having donation incentives (ever wanted to see JayRated do a push-up?) throughout the entire day, along with the usual culprits in the ANZ team to take you through the entire day. Click here to get involved and donate.

Alongside donation incentives, we'll also be running a silent auction throughout the entire week! The auction will contain some rare in-game items up for charity, while also having the ability to pick the hair colour of the real JayRated and KaRath's hair at ANZPL LAN! Place your highest bid for an item, and should you be successful, we will be in contact on how to credit the goodies you have won, while supporting charity!

Watch here  

Silent Auction Items


1 x X 113 Beijing Opera  
1 x X WZ-111 Qilin  
1 x X FV215b (183)  
1 x X AMX 50 Foch (155)  
1 x X FV215b  
2 x VIII Kirovets-1  
2 x VIII Type 59 G  
2 x VIII EMIL 1951  
5 x VIII Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC  
5 x VIII M54 Renegade  
5 x VIII Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque  
3 x "Thunder Child" 3D Style (For FV 4005)
3 x "Hel" 3D Style (For Strv 103B)
3 x "Klarer Himmel" 3D Style (for E 100)
3 x "Granite" 3D Style (For IS-7)
5 x "Pike" 3D Style for IS-3
5 x "Anhalt Lion" 3D Style for Lowe
1 x You choose Jake's Hair colour for ANZPL LAN!
1 x You Choose Kev's Hair colour for ANZPL LAN!


Donation Incentives


$5 AUD - your name read out on stream, plus a small in-game code (containing two 2D styles) as a thank you! Maximum of two codes per donator.

$10 AUD - tank request - pick the tank, and style (brawling, sniper, HE only - you name it!) you want the ANZ team to be playing as!

$15 AUD -  come play with one of the team members in the WoT ANZ group.

$20 AUD - exercise incentive - get the WeeGee ANZ team fit and active by choosing their exercise!


You can find the full auction list, and the lot number, here! A reminder that the in-game items are only available on the World of Tanks PC Asia server.

You can submit your bid here from now until 7:30PM on Thursday the 9th of June . Remember to keep an eye on your email!

But wait, there's more!

Following on from this, on the 11th of June - our amazing ANZ CC's will be doing a charity push with this, raiding each other and streaming for a consecutive twelve hours between them - all in order to help Cure Cancer together. Make sure you follow these fantastic content creators as they will be looking to entertain and delight you throughout your entire Saturday, from 12PM AEST (UTC +10) to 12AM AEST (UTC +10)! 

Time Slot (AEST, UTC +10)
Person who is hosting
Twitch Link
12PM - 2PM Raknarok
2PM - 4PM Ziggy
4PM - 6PM KaeJaie
6PM - 8PM StewieJP
8PM - 10PM PR154
10PM - 12AM CJ