Battle Pass Season VIII: FAQ


Season VIII of the Battle Pass is set in the grim, dark future where humanity is engaged in an endless conflict, threatened by heretics, mutants, and aliens across a million worlds. World of Tanks and Warhammer 40,000 have collaborated to bring the rich universe based on tabletop miniature wargames to your Garage!

Three characters are at the core of this exciting story told in three new Battle Pass Chapters:

To the uninitiated, these characters can be alien and strange. Read on to shed more light on them with the list of frequently asked questions below.

How do you activate the Battle Pass, choose a Chapter, and earn rewards?

At the start of a new season, go to the Chapter Selection Menu and select the Battle Pass Chapter that most interests you. Click Activate Chapter to start your progression, then you can roll out, complete Stages, and collect rewards!

Optionally, you can also purchase the Improved Pass via the Chapter Selection Menu and earn significantly more rewards for the same actions. Those who want to get everything right away will be able to purchase Progression Stages, which will allow you to collect all of the rewards at the start of the Season. This option is only available after buying the Improved Pass.

Will there be a temporary chapter for this Season?

We don’t have a clear answer at the moment. The results of this experimental format are still being discussed, data is being analyzed, and community feedback is being processed.

All we can say right now is to enjoy the Battle Pass and keep an eye open. We will let you know of further developments on our official website.

Can you share more details about the medium tank Cobra?

IX Cobra
Hit Points
1,600 HP
Average Damage
360/490/515 HP
Average Penetration
268/210/120 mm
Shells in the Magazine
4 shells
Time for Autoreloading One Shell
1.5 s
Gun Depression / Elevation Angles
–10/13 deg
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
40/25 km/h
Turret Armor
130/80/40 mm

Starting from Season VIII, the Cobra will be available in the Store for tokens. Its characteristics were finalized with Update 1.17, and it is now ready to make its full-fledged debut on the World of Tanks battlefields.

It is a British medium tank with a 4-shell autoloader and high armor penetration values of both standard (HEAT) and special (HESH) shells, which allows you to quickly inflict incredible damage. The reload time within the clip takes only 1.5 seconds, and as an added bonus, you get an interesting choice of shells. One that defines how you play this vehicle.

The standard HEAT shells have typically good armor penetration and travel slowly, but surely. Use them to play as a classic support medium tank with an autoloader that sometimes can use hull-down positions and withstand enemy damage (if you get really lucky).

The special HESH shells are a different matter entirely. They can cause 490 damage per shot and penetrate 210 mm of enemy armor. Blast away your opponents before they can retaliate.

The Cobra will incite a lot of emotion on the battlefield, but this is what we are here for–memorable, passionate moments, and triumphant battles.

How does this Season differ from the previous ones?

The mechanics remain the same: activate a Chapter and complete its Progression Stages to earn rewards.

After you get started, you can begin earning Battle Pass Points to move along the Chapter Progression and earn corresponding rewards. Once you have completed a Chapter, you need to select the next from the available ones and activate it. Every chapter needs to be activated individually.

Courage and Honour
All Shall Rot
Red 'Uns Go Faster
Base Rewards
Improved Rewards

The main differences between Battle Pass Chapters are visual and narrative. In Season VIII, every chapter is dedicated to one of three factions from the grim future of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Pledge your allegiance to Ultramarines, Chaos Death Guard, and Orks from the Evil Sunz clan.

Thematic content and rewards await you within each chapter—progressive 3D styles, unique customizations (styles, decals, inscriptions, and emblems), and at the end of each chapter, you will get a unique commander: Lieutenant Volusad Thassius of the Ultramarines, Dolgoth Sepk,  Champion of the Death Guard, and a slightly crazy Mekboy Kroglin da Facegrinda from the Evil Sunz clan.

Volusad Thassius
Dolgoth Sepk
Kroglin da Facegrinda
Volusad Thassius
Lieutenant, Ultramarines Second Company

“I would rather see the ancient Standard Template Construct destroyed than fall into Xenos' or Traitors' hands, but I am not ready to resign the Imperium’s legacy to that fate without a concerted fight.”

Dolgoth Sepk
Champion, Death Guard

“The discovery of a seemingly operational Standard Template Construct could be enough to accelerate our inevitable victory against the Corpse Emperor. It is high time we laid his followers low. Our Primarch, Mortarion, has plans to strike at the heart of our enemies. In time we will move upon Ultramar. Mortarion will make the Ultramarines' domain a mirror of the Grandfather's Garden.”

Kroglin da Facegrinda
Mek, Evil Suns Clan

“I finks dat box might be full of 'umie gubbins. And you says it was blue? We'z all knows dat's a lucky color. Get me Gunwagon ready. We'z gonna race on back to da blue box fast as fast like, so we'ze ‘onor Mork. Den we'z krump 'em good so we'z make Gork smile. Dis might lead to a good scrap after all.”

Can you share more details about the story in the trailer?

The trailer and the announcement article tell us of events in the grim future of the Warhammer 40,000 universe that led to the crossing of the fates of the characters from Battle Pass Season VIII. Volusad Thassius, Dolgoth Sepk, and Kroglin da Facegrinda all received an unexpected beacon signal from the ancient Standard Template Construct sent from the dusty Tachnicus Mundi planet. This device is said to contain colossal and crucial knowledge that will be valuable for both Ultramarines and the adepts of Great Nurgle. Will one of them be able to capture it and use it to their advantage, or will the legendary technological artifact fall to the Orks? The Orks only see it as another chance to have a good fight and as an opportunity to collect as much debris from enemy vehicles as possible to create something new for future battles.

Who are Volusad Thassius, Dolgoth Sepk, and Krodlin da Facegrinda?

Volusad Thassius
of the Ultramarines
Dolgoth Sepk
of the Death Guard
Kroglin da Facegrinda
of the Evil Sunz Orks

Volusad Thassius is an Ultramarine Lieutenant and the commander of the Ultramarines 2nd Company. He has directed Impulsor units in the field for decades. The years have honed his tactical skills, and he is adept at breaking through enemy defenses with extreme efficiency.

Dolgoth Sepk is a Champion in one of the Death Guard’s elite units known as the ‘Poxmongers’. He is an implacable warrior, and when Nurgle allows it, he wallows slothfully in the blessings of his Grandfather’s gifts. He always rises to the occasion when an opportunity presents itself to frustrate the efforts of his loyalist enemies. He is driven by pure spite and can be counted on to accomplish his mission against the Ultramarines. In the pursuit of victory, he has been known to use the most… unimaginable methods.

Kroglin da Facegrinda is a reckless Mekboy and always in pursuit of two things: more speed and more dakka. Anything that does not contribute to those two commodities tends to be ignored. He knows enemy vehicles very well and doesn’t consider them a threat but rather as objects of possible looting to get more of what he desires!

Finally, the most important question: Is this story canon?

Oh yes, this story is part of the Warhammer 40,000 universe canon.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please head over to our official Discord channel where our Community team will be happy to assist.

Roll Out!