World of Tanks at PAX Online!

PAX and World of Tanks have one thing in common: We’re not going to let a year like 2020 slow us down. With that in mind, PAX Online officially started this past weekend, and World of Tanks will feature as one of its digital booths!

Catch all the action from the #ANZPL and today's launch of Tanks.TV through our booth, not to mention the exclusive PAX Panel that your very own JayRated and Vondle appeared in!

The ANZ boys sought the help of some of the best and brightest from our Wargaming Sydney office to bring you ‘The Non-Programmer’s Guide to the Gaming Galaxy’. Talking all about what it means to work on a game if you’re not the one actually coding it! Find out more about that Panel and how you can watch it below:

Have you long dreamed about joining the games industry, but you don’t know how to code? Perhaps you’ve gotten into a balance argument on Twitter with a game developer who you didn’t actually realise worked in publishing? Maybe you’ve just straight up wondered how the heck a modern video game not only gets made, but continues to run? If this sounds like you, then DON’T PANIC! Because you just discovered the perfect panel to answer all your questions.

Despite the common misconception, not everyone who works on making a video game is a programmer or engineer. Our panellists today come to you from AAA studio Wargaming Sydney, with a wealth of experience across Product Management, Community, Marketing, Art, Design, and User Experience. Eager to share their journeys and highlights about producing games before, during, and after launch.

You’ll walk away from this engaging discussion thinking “so long, and thanks for all the facts!” Just don’t forget to bring a towel…

You can find more details about that Panel and where to watch it here. Otherwise make sure to jump on the digital convention floor and enjoy the best convention experience you’ll be able to have from home!

PAX Online runs from September 12-20

The Non-Programer’s Guide to the Gaming Galaxy debuts on Wednesday, September 16 at 3:30pm UTC+10

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