Your ANZPL Teams Revealed

The first official ANZPL Draft has concluded (click here to watch the Draft!), the rosters have been locked in, and the name and logo of each team revealed. It is our absolute pleasure to announce your full #ANZPL Season 1 teamlist and roster!

Your Australian Teams

Adelaide Action X

  • (C) cjhunt2001
  • BlackBlood__Warrior
  • Caen
  • Colwyn_Prodigy
  • Gunner_Ace

Brisbane Bulldogs

  • (C) Ravvi_The_McShoutyGuy
  • LightningMan
  • Ironguard_
  • Thomark
  • joeattora_98
  • Soldat_Udachi

Cairns Comets

  • (C) Darksider267
  • RavioliAldente
  • acachispirit
  • ___Speed___
  • Fuzzi_Boy
  • CJayKing

Melbourne Matildas

  • (C) SaxonOrrick
  • arty_noob
  • VN_TinTac
  • DG_ToasteD
  • Tsar_CamagoH

Perth Panthers

  • (C) JS_NeedsAdultSupervision
  • ckuu
  • randomizd
  • Bolagnaise
  • JimmyGroken
  • Dieselnuts

North Sydney Sentinels

  • (C) RainbowAssassin
  • Rowendy
  • Syndy
  • zaninfrastun
  • Critacus
  • _ANZAC_

South Sydney Skorpions

  • The_AuzziGamer
  • Bitter_Night
  • Kiwi_Dynamite
  • Napalmer
  • hexaflex_

Your New Zealand Teams

Auckland Archers

  • (C) TheReturned
  • CelestiaLudenberg
  • whatistwoplustwo_
  • DeL_UwU
  • Blaze
  • 13bladez

Christchurch Conquerors

  • (C) Aunty_Jacinda
  • _SIayer
  • conehead23
  • killamankyle
  • _Eugene_
  • Pebblezcrwd

We’ve also created unique bonus codes for each team. These bonus codes have scaling rewards based on the amount of wins your team receives in the ANZPL Season. These prizes will be rewarded in the form of a mission, that once completed will unlock the prize! In order to be eligible for your team's rewards that week you’ll need to have participated in at least 10 random battles for that week’s period as well. On top of this, the final three rewards will need you to have received at least four, five and seven of the previous weeks rewards respectively. The rewards are listed below:

Prize (Mission Set)

Amount of Wins

x3 XP (x5)

1 Win

1 Day Premium Time

2 Wins

25k Credits (x2)

3 Wins

20k XP (x2)

4 Wins

XP Boosters (x3)

5 Wins

20k XP (5)

6 Wins

3 Days Premium Time

7 Wins (plus earned at least four of the previous weeks rewards)

7 Days Premium Time

8 Wins (plus earned at least five of the previous weeks rewards)

V Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai   + 100% Crew + Garage Slot

9 Wins (plus earned at least seven of the previous weeks rewards)


Now you know what you get, all you have to do is pick your team to support! Below is a list of each team's Bonus Code. These can only be used once, and are exclusive meaning once you use one, you won’t be able to use the others so pick carefully! The ability to redeem this Bonus Code will end just before the ANZPL Season 1 Starts on Sunday the 13th of September at 6:00PM UTC+10, so pick your team soon!



The lines in the sand are drawn. It’s now up to you to decide who you’ll be supporting, redeem their code, and jump into the WorldofTanksANZ Twitch Channel each Friday night from 6:00 PM UTC+10 to join in on all the action!